If you wish to make improvements or changes to your home at your own cost you will need to fill out our resident improvement application form

You will need written permission from us prior to you carrying out works. If this is not obtained;

  1. You could be held liable for the costs of returning the property to its original condition.
  2. You may also find yourself being liable if a visitor sustains an injury resulting from any unauthorised works carried out.

We recommend you view our list of common alterations and improvements for which permission is needed.

Can All Estuary Residents Get Permission for Improvements?

No, not all residents will be granted permission, you may wish to check your tenancy agreement. Also, if you have rent arrears, outstanding recharges, or any other breach of tenancy, permission will not be granted.

Please note that we will not be able to approve installations of surveillance equipment which captures images or audio beyond the boundary of your own home and garden. We will refuse any installation where the positioning of the cameras will capture images of neighbouring properties, public or communal areas.

New build properties cannot have any works carried out within the first 12 months whilst the build is in warranty.

How to Apply

The best way to do this is by filling out our resident improvement application form online or call 0300 304 5000 and request a resident improvement application to be sent to you. Please return it with any supporting documentation you may wish to provide.

If your application is to install a kitchen or bathroom, we will require 2 quotes and full information of the product requested to be used with your application. Please note, if it is not a similar brand to our current planned replacements it may not be agreed.

Please note for the duration of your tenancy you will be responsible for any repairs relating to the items you have replaced.

Our Commitment to You

We confirm we will respond within 30 working days in writing with either an approval, rejection or with a surveyor’s appointment to visit your property if necessary.

Please be aware when carrying out works to your property we may also request a post inspection of the works carried out by one of our surveyors.

You must notify us when the works are completed to ensure the standard is satisfactory for our properties.