Coronavirus - 24th March 11.30 am

Coronavirus - 24th March 11.30 am

As Covid 19 moves a pace, we’re pulling together! We’re not panicking – we’re assessing, we’re planning and we’re responding. The situation is changing daily. So, we want to keep you in touch with our plans.

As you will know this is a national emergency so in line with government advice, we are doing the  responsible thing and moving our staff, including our call centre staff, to work at home.

At Estuary we’re enormously proud of how our staff are responding – we’re doing everything we can to maintain our services for our residents who are our chief concern.

Ian Martin
Chief Executive

We cannot give personal advice so if there are any concerns about health or what to do, please consult the NHS website

Staff are now working from home. We have closed the office.     

Most of our staff are working from home, some are already ill or have illness in their household, so they are self-isolating. We are taking government advice and reducing social contact as much as possible. We continue to look after our residents, but during these challenging times the service we’re offering is different to normal.

Repairs and maintenance – keeping residents and operatives safe

We are still maintaining our repairs service but it is now emergency repairs only. AXIS call centre will be dealing with emergency repairs.

Planned health and safety works are still continuing until further notice to replace or repair front entrance doors, and contractors will be adhering to the government guidelines and social distancing when calling/working at your home.

Operatives will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment when carrying out emergency repairs.

Please let us know if you have Covid 19 symptoms so that we can risk assess our visit to your home.

While we understand that residents maybe worried and anxious, please remember to be polite and respectful to operatives coming to look after your home. They are just as worried as everyone else. 

We will be delaying AXIS ‘go-live’ on the new repairs contract for now. We will update you on this when we know more.

Keeping our communities clean and tidy

There have been incidents of anti-social dumping of rubbish in some areas. We will not tolerate dumping and fly-tipping of rubbish which is a criminal offence.

It is particularly important, during this time of the corona virus, that we must keep our housing clean. Please make this as easy for us as possible by getting rid of rubbish in the normal ways.  

Advice on Covid-19

We cannot give personal advice so if there are any concerns about health or what to do, please consult the NHS website

Keeping in contact

It is important to us that you are kept informed during the Coronavirus outbreak. Information is changing daily and we will be updating our website regularly and posting on social media.

Please ensure that we have your up to date e-mail address. Just e-mail us on or private message us via our official Facebook or our Twitter pages.

Contacting us – not by phone!

We are maintaining our call centre service for our residents who remain our key priority.  

To help us, please do not call us unless you have to. Please email us or use social media.

  • If you have to speak to someone, our core hours for answering the phones are Monday to Friday 10am-4pm
  • Social media hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
  • email us on
  • complete our online form
  • or private message us via our official Facebook or Twitter pages
  • For rent queries

Complaints backlog  - we’re getting there

Because of Covid-19 there is a backlog of complaints which we are working through.

Residents should be aware that we are not dealing with complaints on our usual timescale during this time.

I’m sure you will bear with us. Please be patient.

Looking out for vulnerable residents  - we’re all in it together

We’re aware that our residents who are most vulnerable to Covid-19 and are most likely to be those over 70 or with underlying health conditions. We will be following up with calls with them to see if they’re OK.

If you know vulnerable residents please could you call them, text them and see if they have what they need. We’re all in this together and we want to make sure we’re looking after everyone in the Estuary community.

Care and Supported Housing - all hands to the pump!

We’re delighted to have volunteers from our staff team to help and will also be recruiting additional roles. We are also buying in additional specialist cleaning services to help us keep our buildings as clean as possible.

To keep residents safe, we have now agreed that there will be no visitors in our Care Homes or Supported Housing facilities. Only medical, emergency repairs and compliance visits will be allowed.

Closing Centre Place Nursery closing (again)

There was a very small uptake from priority children and key workers’ children for nursery care. We have only four critical key workers of our nursery children, all of whom are self-isolating for two weeks. We also have a number of our staff in self isolation from today. So we’ve taken the decision to shut the nursery completely for now. We will review demand over the coming weeks.

Communal maintenance and cleaning

We are maintaining our cleaning services in communal areas. Larger areas will still be cleaned every fortnight. Smaller communal areas will be cleaned monthly.

Some of our cleaning staff are experiencing some challenging / aggressive behaviour. Please be kind to our staff and ensure that they are treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

Paying rent

Keeping you up to date

The government has now said they will update us regularly. So, we’ll update you on any changes to our plan which emerge from new government advice.

These are challenging times, but we’re working hard so we can keep:

  • delivering a safe and excellent service to our residents – who are our key focus
  •  looking after our staff – who are our key asset.

Take care, don’t panic and look after each other.

Useful Links

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Whilst we do our best to ensure the detail is correct and only link to official, respected or impartial sites, we cannot be held responsible for external sites or their content. We always recommend you fully check information with relevant bodies before accepting the detail as fact.

These links will be reviewed and added to regularly, so please do check back.

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