Equality and Diversity Impact Assessments

The purpose of an Equality Impact Assessment is to improve Estuary Housing Association services by making sure that we do not discriminate against any sections of our community as far as possible, minimise any negative consequences and maximise opportunities for promoting equality and diversity.

Equality Impact Assessment is a way of making sure that we think carefully about the likely impact of our service upon our tenants and people who use our services. We consider equality and diversity across the full range of formal and informal decisions that we make.

Learn about how we use Equality and Diversity Impact Assessments and discover what types of people our Equality and Diversity policies, practices and services affect.


What will I find here?

In this page you will find a list of equality impact assessments (EIAs) that the Association's Services have completed.

We welcome feedback as an opportunity to change and improve our services. Please contact us with feedback or for further information.

A list of our latest  Schedule of EIAs[pdf] 220KB   Adobe Acrobat File


Email: Equality and Diversity Group 

Equality Working Group

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