The Federation of Estuary Residents (FER)

 The FER Committee

Pictured above: Some of the committee at the FER AGM 2019 and Big Day Out event at Sands, Southend
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The Federation of Estuary Residents was founded in 1999 and is made up of Estuary resident volunteers who are keen to work on your behalf, to ensure the voices of residents are heard. Browse the menu below to find out more! 
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What does the FER do?

As an FER member there are many things that we can get involved in, making sure that the viewpoint of residents is considered. Some of these are listed below:

  • Approve or decline Estate Improvement Budget applications
  • Be a part of the panel that interviews new staff
  • Judge resident competitions such as Estuary in Bloom
  • Represent residents at Estuary Housing Association's staff meetings (Planned Maintenance meeting, Health and Safety meeting & Services Committee meeting)
  • New to 2019 - be a part of the procurement panel for the new repairs contractor
  • Approve policies & procedures that affect residents
  • Plan the FER AGM & Big Day Out with the Customer Engagement Team
  • Formal meetings (6 per year)
  • Attend Community Days held by Estuary Housing Association, and speak to lots of residents
  • Run the FER Facebook page and interact with other residents
  • Support and advocate for residents that contact us needing help and advice
  • Challenge Estuary Housing Association's staff and hold our Landlord to account
  • Attend the Resident Awards ceremony and other social events for residents
  • Join the annual Tenant Conference ran by TPAS.

How do Estuary Support Us?

  • As well as this page, we also have a dedicated page in Estuary News
  • Estuary promote the Federation of Estuary Residents wherever possible
  • Estuary listen to and implement many of our ideas and suggestions, taking on board our recommendations for policy improvement where necessary.

If you would like support or advice from the Federation of Estuary Residents then please see our contact details which are below. Alternatively, if you would like to join the Committee of the Federation of Estuary Residents, please get in touch as we are always looking for new members. Download our leaflet for more information. FER Leaflet.pdf [pdf] 1MB

How Can I Get Involved?

The FER meets bi-monthly at locations throughout Estuary stock. Please contact the Customer Engagement Team on 0300 304 5000 for more information.

To find out when the next meeting is, please take a look at our calendar. If the FER sounds like something you would like to get involved with, you can register your interest by filling in the short form below (Just a name, address, contact number and email) and a member of the Customer Engagement team will contact you. You can also telephone 0300 304 5000 and ask to speak to the Customer Engagement team, or email to register your interest.

FER Registration of Interest Form

Meet the Federation of Estuary Residents

photo of FER member

Chair of the FER: Janet Ledgerton 
Janet joined the FER in 2016, was General Officer and Scrutiny lead. Janet became Chair in 2019.


photo of FER member

Vice Chair of the FER: Liz Mansfield
Liz joined the FER in 2016.


photo of FER member

General Officer: Lynda Buckley 
Lynda joined the FER in 2011 & has held a number of Officer roles. Lynda spent the last 3 years as Chair before handing over to Janet.


photo of FER member

Committee Secretary: Sarah O'Shea
Sarah joined the FER in 2019 and became Secretary.


photo of FER member

Scrutiny Lead: Julia Davis
Julia joined the FER in 2016.


photo of FER member

Committee Member: Ambrose
Ambrose has been involved since 2013 and has been a Scrutiny Committee Member and Chair in the past.


photo of FER member

Committee Member: Eric McKenzie
Eric joined the FER in 2018.


photo of FER member

Committee Member: Stephen
Stephen joined the FER in 2018.


  photo of FER member

Committee Member: Daniel Rose
Daniel has been involved since 1991 and has enjoyed many years as a Scrutiny Committee Member.


photo of FER member

Committee Member: Anne-Lise Harding
Anne-Lise joined the FER in 2019.


photo of FER member

Committee Member: Simon Cheshire
Simon joined the FER in 2019.


photo of FER member

Committee Member: Andy Carlia-Jones
Andrew joined the FER in 2019.


Committee member

Committee Member: Rose
Rose joined the FER in 2019 after having a break.


Honorary Members - David Stanistreet and Ron Shadforth

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