Mission Statement Values and Aims

Our Mission Statement is:

‘We are committed to the provision of good quality housing, care and support services to meet local needs and to contribute to the development of sustainable communities.’


 Estuary has also established a set of core values which should be reflected in all that we do:

Estuary Housing Association - Core Values, Excellent, Care, Innovation


The Vision for Estuary is:

'To be the premier social business in our areas, maintaining growth and exceeding customer expectations.'


To ensure our mission and core values are adhered to we always endeavour to:

  • Publicise our zero tolerance approach to corruption;
  • Ensure that residents and service users are at the heart of all that we do. Specifically, they must be enabled to influence the range and standard of services that Estuary provide and to be engaged in monitoring them;
  • Be amongst the best in terms of service quality;
  • Ensure that our existing homes continue to meet modern standards;
  • Develop new homes across a range of tenures to achieve sustainable communities;
  • Exercise good governance;
  • Recruit, develop and retain the highest quality staff;
  • Manage our finances and our risks to the highest standards.