Mutual Exchange Guarantee

We recognise that your housing needs may change over time and the accommodation that was once suitable for your needs may no longer be practical. We realise that there may come a time when you need to move on and to accommodate this we provide a range of options to assist you with moving.


How To Find An Exchange

  • Advertise in a shop window or newspaper
  • Ask your local Council Offices to look at their mutual exchange register, as you can exchange with a council or Housing Association resident
  • Register with exchange and are both free for Estuary residents.


What To Do Once You Have Found Someone To Swap With

Either telephone us for more information or download the forms from our website.


Our Guarantee

To ensure the mutual exchange service we provide achieves a high standard we will:

  • Ensure that appropriate application forms are available on our website
  • Where a resident is unable to access the internet, we will post the forms within two working days of your request
  • Ensure that our staff are trained and knowledgeable on the options available and that someone will be available during office opening hours
  • Upon receipt of your application we will notify you of any immediate observations which may affect your exchange from proceeding, for example, if we identify whether a property is too large or small for the household you are hoping to exchange with
  • Once we have received your application form we will arrange with you a convenient time to inspect your current home
  • When we inspect your property we will advise you of any works we require you to undertake as a condition of the exchange
  • We will only exchange information with the other landlord that is relevant to the mutual exchange
  • We will consider all households request to swap and write to you with our decision. If your application is not successful we will inform you why your application has been refused.
  • Where we refuse an exchange we will advise you how you can appeal should you be unhappy with our decision


Other Information You Should Know

  • The mutual exchange process is a legal one. Estuary has a legal obligation to give you a decision in writing within 42 days from receipt of the application forms and all relevant documents
  • As part of this process, an affordability assessment will be carried out on any applicant who will become an Estuary Housing Association tenant. This will be done if you are an exisitng Estaury tenant, or are new to us
  • Where  tenant is new to Estuary, a credit reference will also be completed on anyone who will become a tenant
  • Where we feel the property is unaffordable or there is a significantly poor credit history, the exchange will be refused
  • We cannot accept responsibility or take any action if any party to an exchange changes their mind at any time before moving. We also cannot accept responsibility for any damage caused that you were not aware of in the home you are moving to, even if this is an Estuary property.


Your Responsibility

You should remember that your rent account needs to be up to date and that there are no outstanding repairs (including damage) that are your responsibility. If you do have arrears or have damaged your home, your mutual exchange is likely to be refused.

You must not move without getting the written permission of all landlords involved in the exchange and the signing of the tenancy documents. It is illegal to offer money or goods to someone to secure an exchange.


Useful Contacts

There are now lots of dedicated websites for mutual exchanges, inlcuding Facebook. As with any website, please ensure your safety. Estuary cannot take any responsibility for the accuracy of the information on these sites. You are responsible for any registration fees with the exception of the sites below, which Estuary subscribe to.