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  1. Mutual Exchanges Restart 1st July

    We're pleased to say we're able to recommence mutual exchanges from 1st July. Those who had applied before lockdown will be contacted to discuss if they still wish to proceed. New applicants for exchanges can apply from Wednesday 1st July.

  2. Supplier Invoices

    Please note that as of 19th March 2020, all suppliers and contractors should email invoices/statements to

    Any posted items may not be received and processed in a timely manner due to temporary relocation and limitation in postal deliveries.

    We appreciate your support and cooperation at this time.

  3. Contactless Deliveries

    If you're self isolating at the moment and are looking for contactless deliveries, you're welcome to print this sign at home and display.
    For those without printers nearby, we have printed some and put them outside Centre Place for collection without entering the building.
    Please only take what you need.

  4. Waiting Lists Closed

    We're sorry to say that we have now closed out waiting lists for all areas for the time being. We're unable to accept any new applications at the moment.
    We will, of course, announce when we are able to reopen our lists again.

  5. At Estuary we’re planning, assessing and responding

    At Estuary we’re planning, assessing and responding

    Covid 19 

    Covid 19 has moved on over the weekend and we have listened to yesterday’s press conference from the Prime Minister and Chief Medical Officer. Our guidance reflects this.

  6. Repairs Tracker

    Repairs Tracker

    We get it - getting repairs right is important!

    So we’ve increased our investment by an extra £½ million a year to improve the service.

    But we need your help: we want to hear about your experience, so we can help make repairs better.

    So, we’ve set up a new Repairs Tracker Satisfaction Survey. Starting on 16th March TLF Research will call 200 residents every month to check how your repairs experience went. The survey will only take about 5 minutes. 

    Please be honest. We want to know about the bad, as well as the good!

    We will use the information to help the repairs contractor get even better. We’ll share all the feedback, good and bad, and tell you what we’re doing to improve the service.

    If TLF Research call you then please give them your feedback. We want to get repairs right for our customers.

    If you’re happy, we’re happy.

    We’re fixing it!


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