Antisocial Behaviour Incident Log

Completing an incident log helps us get evidence of your experiences so we can act on your behalf to resolve the situation.

Antisocial Behaviour Incident Log.pdf [pdf] 1MB


Recording the Problem

We need to have evidence of any Antisocial Behaviour or harassment you have witnessed or experienced. The best way to record this is to complete an Antisocial Behaviour Incident Log.pdf [pdf] 1MB. This log must be completed as accurately as possible, so try to include everything that was said and one, including any bad language used.

We need to know the frequency of when things happen and how much they affect your life.

We will use this information to assess how to deal with the situation.

You should return the incident log regularly, at least each month, so the information is up to date.

When logs are returned with old or irrelevant information, it's difficult to consider the events or challenge the behaviour.

If you have difficulty completing the forms we have sent you, please speak to us. We will try to arrange a different method for collecting the information, for example, using a dictaphone.

You can easily download the Antisocial Behaviour Incident Log.pdf[pdf] 1MB



We need evidence to prove that someone is, or has been guilty of Antisocial Behaviour or harassment.

This evidence might be provided by a number of people and might include neighbours, Police, professional witnesses and housing staff. Most often the important evidence is that recorded by those experiencing the nuisance or antisocial behaviour.


Filling Out the Incident Log

We will issue you with an incident log that needs to be completed to record the antisocial behaviour or harassment.

These should be completed at the time you are suffering or witnessing the behaviour or harassment. Please provide us with as much information as possible. If you need more space than the diary sheets allow, please feel free to write on a separate sheet of paper. Where you do this please make reference on the log sheet that you're using extra pages and make sure that you date and sign the separate sheet.

Where the antisocial behaviour or harassment is also witnessed by someone else, please ask them to record this too. The information that you write down must be something that you have experienced and cannot be something that someone else has told you about.


What Happens Next?

The appropriate officer will review the incident log that you have submitted and then contact you, to discuss how we are going to try and stop the nuisance or antisocial behaviour. Where we draw up an action plan we will do it in partnership with you and ask you to sign to agree to the plan.

When drawing up the action plan we might ask you to agree to do things.

For example, we may ask you to contact the environmental health department or the local dog warden. Where we have enough information to start compiling a case for court we will ask you for a witness statement.

Where we cannot deal with the problem, we will tell you and confirm this to you in writing telling you why we are unable to deal with the situation.

If you would like further information or you have a question after reading this information, please contact us on 0300 304 5000 or email