Changes to rents and tenancies

The Government has introduced significant changes to rents and tenancies which will affect housing association residents in the years ahead.

If you are already an Estuary resident the changes won’t automatically impact you, but you may be affected in the future if you decide to move home.

One of the changes is the introduction of something called “Affordable Rent”, which allows housing associations and councils to charge up to 80% of the market rent value for their homes.

The second change is the introduction of Fixed Term tenancies. By law, the minimum period for a fixed term tenancy will be five years (unless there are exceptional circumstances). This means that a resident’s need for social housing will be reviewed from time to time.

How will this affect you?

Affordable Rent

Estuary has made the decision to make 30% of our existing properties Affordable Rent. This means around 1 in 3 homes will be re-let at a rent of 80% of the equivalent current market rent value, rather than a social rent.

For new developments we make an agreement with the Homes and Communities Agency as to how many homes will be charged at Affordable Rent. These homes will always be let as Affordable Rent in the future.

If you continue to live in your current home it will not be affected and you will not be switched to Affordable Rent. If you want to move home in the future, any properties that are eligible for Affordable Rent will be clearly labeled through on any “choice-based letting” website or offer letter we use. You would bid on them and they will be allocated in the same way as they are now.

Fixed Term tenancies
As an Estuary tenant, if your tenancy commenced before 1st September 2012 then you will not be given a Fixed Term tenancy whilst you remain with Estuary. Other Housing Associations have made different policy decisions to us, so you must check with them if you are offered a property with a new landlord.

For more information please contact your Housing Officer by clicking here