Coronavirus - 17th June

Coronavirus - 17th June

Coronavirus - 24th April

Dear Residents,

I hope you’re enjoying the good weather now that the rules around social distancing have been relaxed a bit.

Thank you

Let me start by saying thank you.

  • Thank you for respecting our staff and respecting what we’re doing to keep you safe  - it makes a huge difference
  • Thank you for allowing us into your homes to keep you safe – because of your help we’ve got 100% compliance for gas, electrics and fire-doors
  • Thank you for considering your neighbours and not playing loud music
  • Thank you for not doing big gatherings or BBQing on your balconies
  • Thank you for paying your rent – this is crucial and means we are able to provide the services you need and deserve.

You’ve been great! Well done. By doing all these things you make it easier for us and nicer for your neighbours during these difficult times. 

Repairs – getting better, but supplies are still scarce.

Since COVID 19 lock down started we have had to limit repairs to emergency only.  That’s because we couldn’t get supplies easily and many of the repairs workers were not able to work.

We won’t be back to ‘full speed’ for several months yet. But, now, as lockdown eases a little and building supplies are more easily available, we’re beginning to deal with urgent repairs and repairs in communal areas. Communal repairs should be booked in via AXIS.

Residents can now call AXIS for repairs on plumbing and electrical works but please be aware that some jobs may have to be put on hold if it’s not safe. That’s usually if the job needs two people and they can’t socially distance. 

Please bear with us as we try to serve you.

While supplies are hard to come by, sometimes we will repair something rather than replace it. We will normally only replace something like for like if it cannot be repaired. Normal ageing and wear will not mean replacement if we think the repair will work for the foreseeable future. Also, please be patient - if we can’t get a part, we may need to rebook an appointment.

Compliance - We’ve maintained our compliance checks during lockdown and this work carries on as we’re 100% committed to keeping you safe.

Customer satisfaction - We’ve also got a new customer satisfaction tracking service to see if you’re satisfied with your repairs.

Facemasks - We’re following government guidance on wearing facemasks. We’ll try to ensure repairs workers can socially distance, if they can’t, then facemasks are an option.

Keep communal areas clear

Please don’t leave shoes, bikes, chairs and anything else in the communal areas because:

  • Our cleaners cannot clean properly with stuff in the way (that could risk COVID 19 infections)
  • Keeping things in communal areas is also a fire risk – both because they could set on fire, but also because they block escape routes.

Sorry, but we will have to remove stuff we find in the communal areas without notice.

Don’t leave any rubbish around

Rubbish left ANYWHERE outside of the bin area is a fire risk, looks terrible and attracts rats. You must put your rubbish in the bin stores, nowhere else. To keep you safe, we have to have zero tolerance of dumping rubbish. Sorry, but we will track down anyone who does this and charge them the full removal fee which can be hundreds of pounds.


So, if you’re struggling financially, you are not alone. We’re here to help. We’re not going to judge you. Please don’t feel embarrassed.

Our #PlanToPay campaign means we commit to:

  • Helping you keep your home
  • Giving you the advice and support you need if you’re struggling with your income
  • Guiding you through the maze of benefits and government help available.

We DO expect you to pay your rent where you can so we can provide the services you expect. But if you’re struggling there are ways we can help you. Please contact us.  See below the ways in which you can contact us.

So, we’re still here for you, we’re still looking out for you. we’re in this together with you, so thanks for being with us on this journey. We’re going to get there – but this is a marathon, not a sprint, so please bear with us. 

Thanks again for your patience. 

Stay safe, stay strong, stay in touch.

Ian Martin


Important Reminders

We have dedicated Coronavirus page where you can get all the latest information and useful links.

We cannot give personal advice so if there are any concerns about health or what to do, please consult the NHS website

To make it easier for our people to work effectively, please avoid phoning our call centre. If you can, please use one of the other ways of communicating with us:

If you have to speak to someone, our core hours for telephony are Monday to Friday 10am-4pm. Social media hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

Be aware of scams - Notifications from Essex Fraud Alert

Notification from Essex Fraud Alert System30.3.20.pdf [pdf] 223KB

Parks and Playgrounds

Our playgrounds are now open.

When using playgrounds and areas on our estates please follow this advice to help prevent the spread of Covid-19:

Do not visit the playground if you or a member of your household has Covid-19 symptoms or have been told to self-isolate.

Before visiting a playground please:

  1. Try to visit at a time when the playground is likely to be quieter. Playgrounds tend to be busier mid-morning and mid-afternoon
  2. Only one adult should accompany a child into the play area, this gives more room for others to enjoy the space
  3. Be aware that food and drink must not be consumed in the playground
  4. Make sure you have hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes with you.

When you arrive at the playground:

  1. Do not enter if the playground is busy, either queue outside the area or come back another time
  2. Remind children not to touch their faces, and to sneeze or cough into a tissue or the crook of their arm
  3. Remind children not to put their mouths on the equipment
  4. When you enter the area sanitise your hands, and re-sanitise after using each piece of equipment
  5. We recommend that you wipe the equipment with an antibacterial wipe before and after use
  6. There maybe signs on the equipment advising how many people can use it at one time; if there are no signs then this is single person use only.
  7. Take all litter home with you; it is important that used wipes or tissues are not left on the ground where another child could pick it up
  8. Do not stay in the play area after you have finished playing; leave the area and let someone else come in.

We are carrying out regular inspections of play areas but if you have a concern about the Covid safety of the area, or a piece of equipment, please contact us.

Repairs to broken equipment should be reported on the Repairs line, 0300 304 5000 or 0808 169 1969.

Useful Links

The below give links to information which will all open to external sites.

Whilst we do our best to ensure the detail is correct and only link to official, respected or impartial sites, we cannot be held responsible for external sites or their content. We always recommend you fully check information with relevant bodies before accepting the detail as fact.

These links will be reviewed and added to regularly, so please do check back.

Looking After You and Your Family

COVID-19 - Getting Tested

Government guidance on coronavirus testing, including who is eligible for a test and how to get tested.

Food Bank - Trussel Trust

We're now registered with the Trussel Trust to create Evouchers for Estuary tenants in need.

This means that, after a consultation, we're able to issue a code which you can take, along with your ID to the food bank to collect your parcel. We don’t have to send vouchers out in the post and you'll get a code the same day.

Please note that the same rules apply as they always have – no more than 3 vouchers in any 6 month period and checks will be carried out in accordance with this.

Looking after yourself & family if you have to stay at home with confirmed or possible infection

Mental Health - Supporting Children and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Repeat Prescriptions

You should only order what you need, when you need it and you can now order repeat prescriptions via the NHS App. 
Visit to find out how.

Social Distancing

What's On In Your Area - Estuary Website

The What’s on in your area section on our website has the details of our Local Authorities, food banks etc which may help as a first point of call for help

Local Authority Specific Coronavirus Information

Essex County Council

Essex County Council updates including Essex council services like waste and recycling services


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Coronavirus: advice for employers and employees