Corporate Social Responsibility

We are confident that real and measurable business benefits can be derived from the implementation of environmental and social policies. These will include cost savings, (for example from more efficient use of energy) and enhanced reputation, which, whilst difficult to quantify, is no less important. We are committed to running our business in an ethical and sustainable manner so that our operations contribute to economic development whilst improving the quality of life of our staff and the of the local community and society at large.

We also encourage tenants and service users to adopt environmentally sound practices where possible. 

Key Areas of Impact

Our Key Areas of Impact Are:


We aim for an informal, energised, team-focussed culture and a workforce which is better trained, highly motivated, fully empowered, and personally fulfilled. We want to continue to have an organisation that our staff feel proud of.


We strive for total customer satisfaction, wherever possible exceeding expectation. This involves understanding the needs of our customers and building relationships based on unimpeachable integrity.  Estuary will work with tenant and service user representatives on the scrutiny of our service and will communicate this work to our customers. Our Customer Engagement pages will provide more information on this and how you can get involved.


We deal with our suppliers with integrity, building genuine partnerships of mutual benefit. We expect our suppliers to commit to our values, particularly in the context of anti-slavery and human trafficking, good environmental practice and fair employment. 


The wellbeing of our local community is essential to our own success. We aim to build a network of relationships which deliver sustainable benefits, to our mutual advantage. Furthermore, we are constantly seeking ways to extend that process to wider communities that we may impact upon through our commercial activities. Our Estuary in the Community section has more information on this, including employment and training advice, digital inclusion and social value.


Doing what we can to reduce any adverse impact of our activities on the biophysical environment. We are committed to managing the environmental impacts of our operations in positive ways, seeking continuous improvement in the achievement of environmental performance. Environmental policy is largely about minimising negative impacts, but we also set out to make a positive impact through better environmental management. We are in the process of reviewing and updating our Sustainability Policy.


We promote energy conservation throughout the organisation and encourage all our staff, tenants and service users to contribute towards more efficient energy management.


We try to reduce the consumption of materials wherever possible and aim to recycle as much as possible in line with our Office Recycling Policy and Procedure.


We recycle as much as possible and adopt methods of work which keep waste to a minimum. Waste disposal is exclusively by environmentally approved methods.

In 2019, we had 1,706 sacks of waste destroyed/recycled, 3.4 tonnes of paper were destroyed/recycled. As a result of this, 57 trees were saved, 10 cubic yards of landfill space was prevented as well as 23,800 gallons of water and 1,326 gallons of oil were saved.


We do our best to prevent pollution and emissions wherever possible and to manage any inevitable emissions in an environmentally friendly way.