Customer Feedback Service Guarantee

We want to ensure that the services we provide meet both our published standards and the needs of our customers. All customer feedback is important.

Comments and Compliments

We welcome your comments and compliments about our services, and will use these to improve our services further.
If you are pleased with a service, please tell us so that we can thank the member of staff or team and make sure that we use this positive feedback to improve other services.


We aim to deliver the best service possible, however, we recognise we don’t always get things right. We use complaints to learn how things might have been done better, to help improve the services we provide and to work with you to reach a fair resolution.
We consider a complaint to be “an expression of dissatisfaction with the standard of service or with an action or lack of action by our staff or contractors.

How Do We Deal With Complaints?

Quick Fix or Service Consideration
When we receive a first contact about a complaint, we will offer you two options; to deal with the complaint as a Quick Fix or as a Service Review.

If you choose the Quick Fix option, we will work on the basis that you would like to get the problem fixed as quickly as possible.  We will try to find a way to solve the problem within five working days and keep you informed by phone.  We will not normally carry out a full review or send a formal written response.

If you prefer to have a Service Consideration, we will work on the basis that you want a thorough investigation and are prepared to wait for a properly considered response by one of our Managers. We will acknowledge the complaint within two working days and will aim to send you a full response within ten working days.

If we do not resolve your complaint successfully as a Quick Fix or service consideration, you can ask us to log it for Senior Management Review.

Senior Management Review

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the quick fix or Service Review, you should write to us within four weeks to ask that a member of the Senior Management Team carries out a further review and responds to you within ten working days. You should explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction and what is your preferred outcome clearly.


External Process

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, following the conclusion of our internal process, you can contact a ‘designated person’ or ‘designated panel’.

Designated persons and designated panels were introduced in April 2013 as part of the Localism Act. A designated person is your local Councillor or MP. A designated panel would have to be an Estuary Housing Association recognised tenant panel, as per the Housing Ombudsman guidance.

How to Provide Feedback

• by writing to or emailing us
• by completing our online form
• by calling us on 0300 304 5000
• by visiting one of our offices