Where can I get online?

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Coronavirus - Centre Place is not open 

Due to the Coronavirus situation, Centre Place and the Family Centre are not open at the moment. This means that we are unable to offer free Internet access. When things return to normal, we can begin to offer this again.


Want To Get Online Somewhere Else?

If you have your own laptop, tablet or smartphone, there are lots of public places which have free Internet access – from your local cafe to the local library. You can also pop into your local Post Office, and they will help you find your nearest place to access the Internet. If you tell the staff in any Post Office your postcode, they will print off your nearest 5 free or low-cost Internet access points or training courses.


Free IT Courses

If you’re looking for free or low-cost access to computers or IT courses, Online Centres Network provides access to the internet and help using it. You can search your local area on their website, call their helpline or email them to be directed to your nearest providers offering everything from free computer and wi-fi access, to learning and training opportunities.


Are You An Older Person And Need Help To Get Online?

Age UK offer help and training. Thier computer traing courses are taught in a way that explains things in plain English to help you get online. Find out if your nearest Age UK offers training courses.