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The Estate Improvement Budget is intended to give residents the chance to introduce small improvements to their communal areas. Please see further information below.

How Does It Work?

Any Estuary Housing Association resident can apply for funding for projects such as bike shelters, planters and new benches for their neighbourhood.

Applications are sent to the Customer and Community Engagement Team (CCE) who consult, find quotes and finalise the application before being presented to the Federation of Estuary Residents at their bi-monthly meetings. The Customer and Community Engagement Team (CCE) will support you throughout your application and help you to make it successful.

What Projects Can be Funded?

Essentially, anything that doesn’t come under our responsibility as a landlord can be funded. Previous projects have included:

  • New plants for a community garden
  • Pool tables for a youth club
  • Parking bollards
  • Bike shelters
  • Solar lights in car parks.

There are a number of projects the EIB cannot fund.

  • Works that are our responsibility i.e. repairs door entry systems, external redecoration, internal decorations, replacing communal carpets.
  • Anything that will require ongoing servicing, i.e.CCTV and automatic gates
  • Anything that will have an impact on the service charge due to maintenance
  • Repairs to projects already funded by the EIB

If you have any questions please contact the CCE Team - email or call 0300 304 5000.

Examples Of Projects Funded During 2018/19


Communal Storage for
Beresford Mansions,

We were contacted by a visually impaired resident who asked if we would consider funding this project. The resident had been afraid to use the communal area because there was a high risk of tripping over items that were frequently being left out. These items mainly include children's toys that they use in the space.

The CCE Team consulted with the residents of the area to find out if they would like to request funding for a storage solution. 78% replied they would and were then offered a choice of 2 different storage solutions. Now the area is tidy and free of trip hazards.

Beresford Mansions: LeftBeresford Mansions: Right

Beresford Mansions Before and After

Bicycle Shed for
Willow Road,
Great Dunmow

Residents of Willow Road applied to the fund requesting a bike shed as more residents were using cycles to get to work for example.  

During their Community Day in August 2018, all the residents who attended agreed with the proposal, saying that it had been needed for a while and that it would be used by many residents. It is now installed and is being used by many residents.

Willow Road: BeforeWillow Road: After

Willow Road Before and After

TTT (Triple T) Visit To Adventure Island,

The leader of the group applied for funding to give their Youth Club attendees a special treat. They had lots of fun and were really thankful for the special treat.

The children of the Triple T youth club

The Children of the Triple T Youth Club

Traffic Safety Mirror for
St Marks Field,

A mirror has been placed on the lamp post at the corner of St Marks Field, allowing residents to see traffic coming around the corner. This mirror has enabled residents to feel safer when driving in and out of the close.

Traffic Safety Mirror at St Marks Field

The Traffic Safety Mirror,
St Marks Field

Improvements To The Bin Stores At
Sunlight Mews,

Residents of the area applied to fund some wood material to block the bin storage gaps in the close. Where there were gaps at the bottom of the bin area it was causing a mess and attracting vermin.

To stop this, the gaps in the bin store have been filled and now the litter no longer gets pulled out across the street, leaving a tidier and more pleasant place for our residents to live.

Sunlight Mews: Before Sunlight Mews: After

Sunlight Mews Before and After



How To Apply

How To Apply

Please contact the Customer and Community Engagement Team to discuss your project, or complete the form below and email to

Printable Forms

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MS Word:  Estate Improvement Budget updated application.docx [docx] 28KB 

Estate Improvement Budget 2018

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