External Redecoration

The following tells you about the standards that we aim to achieve in providing a customer focused service to external redecoration and applies to all our residents.

Our Guarantee

  • We will provide trained and knowledgeable staff who will be available to discuss external redecoration works during our opening hours
  • With the help of residents we will develop and maintain a Contractors’ Code of Conduct. All staff and contractors will wear identification badges
  • We will employ reputable contractors and ensure all contractors comply with the Contractors’ Code of Conduct
  • We will monitor the performance of contractors against established performance indicators and make this information available to the Federation of Estuary Residents and publish it in our newsletters
  • We will ensure cost-effective and high performance materials are used
  • We aim to redecorate externally all homes at least every 6 years
  • We aim to redecorate all internal communal areas at least every 6 years
  • We will ensure that you and your home are treated with care and respect during the work and we will keep disruption to a minimum
  • We aim to complete all work within a reasonable timescale
  • We will not undertake external redecoration work during bad weather conditions, and in particular, not between November and February. If rain and bad weather causes delays in starting or completing work, we will keep you informed.


Before the Work is Carried Out

  • We will contact you at least 1 week before starting to arrange a mutually convenient start date. Painting work is likely to take a minimum of 3 days to complete
  • Where painted, we will offer you a choice of colours for external doors
  • For internal communal areas we will consult with you on colour options. Where there is an equally split opinion, we will decide.


During the Work

  • We will inspect progress and wherever possible invite residents to be involved in the inspection
  • We will undertake minor repairs, if required, to:
    • chimneys
    • parapets
    • roof coverings
    • soffits
    • fascias
    • windows and frames
    • external doors and frames
    • rainwater goods
    • rendering
    • paths
    • fences
    • brickwork
    • gates
  • We will renew any failed sealed double glazed units, wash down any plastic items such as windows and clear out all gutters as part of the redecoration works
  • We will take reasonable measures to protect your belongings
  • We will be available during normal office hours to answer any queries you have and resolve any problems.


Following the Work

  • We will visit you to make sure the work has been completed to the specified standard. Where the standard is not achieved we will rectify the problem within a reasonable timescale
  • We will actively seek feedback on satisfaction. You maybe contacted following completion of the works and asked to provide feedback based upon your experience of the work.


Your Responsibilities

  • Please ensure you are available on the dates and times that have been mutually agreed. You are responsible for ensuring the safe storage of your belongings during the work
  • Please remove all valuable and breakable objects from window ledges and sills during the works
  • Please keep pets and children away from wet paintwork and do not close doors and windows until the paintwork is dry.

If you feel that this service has not been met, please contact the Planned Investment Team on 0300 304 5000 where a member of staff will help you.

We will consider your views and try to address them as quickly as possible. Where mistakes are made we will apologise, rectify them and do our utmost to ensure they are not repeated.