FER AGM 2021

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The FER AGM 2021 is now closed.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote, and to the candidates.

New FER Committee Members

New FER Committee Members

Voters have chosen 2 new Committee Members to join the FER. They are:


Donna from Brentwood

Donna from Brentwood


and James from Southend-on-Sea

James from Southend


Congratulations and well done to you both.

Thank you to the other candidates, and to everyone who voted.

New Roles For The Other Candidates

New Roles For The Other Candidates

Following the AGM, Steve, Pauline and Andy were voted back onto the Committee and have taken on the following roles:


Steven - Acting Vice Chair

Steve from Southchurch was voted back onto the Committee after completing his first 3 years of service. He is now Vice Chair.


Pauline, FER Member

Pauline from Canvey Island was voted onto the Committee after being a co-opt member. She is now Scrutiny Lead.


FER Member: Andy from Southend

Andy from Southend was also voted onto the Committee after being a co-opt member. He is now General Officer/Vice Scrutiny Lead.

Video Speech From The Chief Executive and The Chair Of The Board

Ian Martin, Chief Executive


Transcript Of Ian Martin's Video

Ian Martin, Chief Executive of Estuary Housing Association sits down and faces the camera. He smiles and begins to say the following:

Hi everyone. Welcome to the FER AGM video. My name’s Ian Martin. I’m the Chief Executive at Estuary Housing. And when I did this same video last year, I don’t think we thought we would be managing through another pandemic, a second wave, a third wave. And now in the summer of 2021, it feels like we may be getting back to normal. I dunno, we’ll just have to see how that goes.

Um, during the last year, we have been dealing with exactly the same things that we’d been dealing with in the previous year, really. Trying to keep our staff and residents safe, working in some incredibly difficult and challenging conditions. Particularly in our Care and Support services, but also in just making sure that we have our Repairs Service running, that we’re able to keep our General Needs residents safe through Gas Safety inspections and the like. And our staff who have been phoning people and making sure that our more vulnerable residents are okay.

Just a real team effort this year to just make sure that we do the right thing and place the residents at the centre of everything that we do. And that’s really what we’ve been doing.

Central to that is our relationship with the Federation of Estuary Residents. These are a fantastic, amazing group of people who give up their time to help us really. To help the Association, and to represent their fellow residents so that we get things right, our policies reflect what our residents want, and that we’re able to test the temperature of what residents think about certain initiatives, and also to be involved in the scrutiny of our services, and in the last year, the FER have done an amazing job in scrutinising our complaints service. Not always easy, complaints are always gonna be a difficult area, and they spent a huge amount of time and effort helping us try and get that right.

Erm, so therefore, the FER AGM is really important. It’s important to the Association, it’s important to the governance of the Association, and it’s really something that I hope you can all get involved in, who you would look at those people who are standing for election, and make the best choices so that you get the best and strongest FER that you can. The links are all on the website and lots of information coming out about that. So hopefully you’ll take part.

I just want to say thank you to our residents for sticking with us actually this year. We’ve not always been able to deliver what you want in terms of repairs. I know we’ve had some issues of material shortages. We’ve had labour shortages because people are getting pinged by the Covid-19 app. But you stuck with us. If you could just now, take 5 or 10 minutes to check who you’d like to be elected as your Executive Committee of the Federation of Estuary Residents, I’d be very grateful. And I hope, when we return to normal, I’ll be able to get out and about and see a few more residents and catch up with you all soon.

In the meantime, thank you very much.

End of video

George Kieffer Header

George Kieffer, Chair of the Board

Transcript Of George Kieffer's Video

George Kieffer, Chair of the Board of Estuary Housing Association sits down and faces the camera. He says the following:

On behalf of the Board of Estuary, I extend a warm welcome to all of you for this Annual General Meeting of the Federation of Estuary Residents. I was rather hoping to see you all in person this year, but yet again this has not been possible. I do hope that you’re all well and that you’ve used the opportunity to become vaccinated so that you can stay well.

I said last year that it had not been easy for you, but I am delighted that so few of our residents had Covid so severely as to require hospitalisation. For those that have lost a loved one, I express the Board’s and my personal sympathy and condolences. All the more so as lockdown has prevented us from meeting friends and family, and sharing our grief.

The Board of Estuary has been very clear that the safety of you, our residents, is our paramount priority, and I’m very grateful to my colleagues in Estuary. We have overcome many difficulties to provide you with a service during this pandemic.

Your own work has also continued, albeit on computer, tablet or telephone rather than face-to-face. Your scrutiny of our policies, your critical review of areas of improvement, and your suggestions have been important to help us develop the service we deliver to you, our residents.

Your readiness to help us chart the longer-term strategy by attending our away days, is greatly appreciated as it reminds us of our priorities.

Later this month we shall have some new Board members join, and it has been really helpful that the Federation has been able to contribute your thoughts and views during the interview process. Pauline Dipple and Lynda Buckley gave up an awful lot of time, and I found their views of great help in making our selection.

As an aside, our recruitment consultants told us that very few Housing Associations involve residents in their Board recruitment, and in this particular instance, I’m delighted that Estuary is an exception.

Thank you to the Officers of the Federation for the time and energy they give in addition to their other responsibilities to family and work, and I look forward to all of us continuing to work together for the benefit of all our, our residents.

Please make sure you cast your votes for the Committee that you want as your representatives, which you can do via the links on the web page or through Social Media. I also want to encourage you all to get involved with the Federation, which plays an important part in how Estuary is run.

And last but not least, I hope that next year I can catch up with you all in person, and in the meantime, stay safe and well. Thank you.

End of video