FER AGM 2021

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The new FER AGM for 2021

Every year, residents put themselves forward to join the Federation of Estuary Residents (FER). The FER are the voice of their fellow residents and volunteer to make sure Estuary is listening and making positive changes. We usually hold a big event for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) where residents can vote for the candidates but due to Covid-19, we have decided to hold a mostly virtual AGM to vote for the new Committee.

It's not too late to apply to become and FER member visit their page to find out more and how to apply. 

How to take part this year

When this year's candidates are revealed, all you will need to do is follow 3 simple steps. You'll be able to complete the first 2 steps at any time up until the 9th September 2021. This gives the team time to count and verify votes before the meeting on the 11th September, where the new Committee will be announced.

  1. Read about and vote for candidates that you would like to join the FER and represent you. Whilst you are there, please note the changes to the Constitution (a constitution is a set of rules that the Committee has to abide by) and vote if you are in favour or not.
  2. Watch the videos if you wish to hear from Ian Martin, our Chief Executive and George Kieffer, our Chair of the Board.
  3. Tune into the Facebook Livestream at 10:30 on 11th September 2021 to hear from the Chair of the FER. The Customer Engagement Team will announce the new Committee live. Only the Chair, Secretary of the FER and the Customer Engagement Team will be present on the day. The other Committee members will be virtually present. The rest will be done from this web page and the FER Facebook page.

2. Video Speeches From The Chief Executive and Chair Of The Estuary Board

Videos from George Kieffer (Chair of the Board) and Ian Martin (Chief Executive) are to follow shortly.


3. Tune Into The Live Meeting On 11th September at 10.30am

Tune in on 11th September 2021.

View the live meeting at https://fb.me/e/2lMDTBS8W