Frequently asked questions and concerns

Over the years our surveyors have heard very common concerns or questions regarding condensation, damp and mould. We have collated our most common questions and answered them below:

 Q. If this is caused by airborne moisture (condensation) how comes my mum/neighbour/friend doesn’t suffer?

A. It does seem unfair. Unfortunately every household is different. Each property may have a different design in structure or layout, there will be differences in the number of people living in each home, and their habits will vary from home to home (moisture production, clothes drying, heating etc.) Each home has its own unique points that will affect mould growth.

Q. I understand what you’re saying about heating and ventilating but I can’t afford my heating bills!

A. We do appreciate that fuel costs are very high and heating your home may not always be affordable. However the following agencies are available to help:

Energy Savings Trust
A non-profit organization that provides free impartial advice. Helping you save money and fight climate change by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from your home.Contact your regional Energy Efficiency Advice Center on 0800 512012

Warm Front Scheme
Advice and grants available towards energy saving measures for people in receipt of certain benefits: 0800 316 2805

Q. You say ‘heat and ventilate’ but I can’t afford for my heating to disappear out of the window!

A. We don’t recommend keeping your windows open all of the time. But just opening trickle vents and opening your windows for a few minutes will do wonders to allow fresh air movement and improve overall air quality. 

Some responses happen when informing a resident that a situation they considered to be damaging mould is not serious and most likely condensation:

Q. Are you just trying to fob me off and not solve the issue?

A. No. Never. If there is a problem in your home that we can fix, we will look to on every occasion. Your comfort and well being is very important to us. However we cannot always cure the causes of mould and damp on our own. Your cooperation and understanding of the matter will help more.

Q. I am not happy and I am taking this to Environmental Health!

A. We are happy to work with all relevant agencies and authorities and do so frequently. Your local borough council can advise you on your nearest Environmental Health agency.

Q. Where else can I get advice on the matter?

A. There is lots of information available online. From Council or Government websites, to research by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors.