Governance Structure

The Board of Management not only reflects the interests of the communities in which we work, but also possesses the essential specialised skills and necessary experience required to run, monitor and control our affairs and to drive us forward.

To ensure adequate internal control mechanisms are in place, monitored and reviewed regularly, the Board of Management has established an Audit and Risk Committee.

The Senior Leadership Team report to the Board of Management and meet regularly to ensure that they are able to effectively lead the organisation by translating strategic direction into positive actions and monitoring these. They have responsibility for all of Estuary’s business streams and activities.

Members of the Board welcome residents of the Association and staff members’ attendance at Board meetings, for the purpose of openness. They are happy to be observed conducting the business of the Association, in line with our Openness and Transparency Policy 2021.pdf [pdf] 441KB

If staff or residents of the Association would like to attend a meeting of the Board, they must provide at least one weeks' notice of their intention. This can be done by contacting the Company Secretary on 0300 304 5000, or at

Board Members

Governance Structure Chart.pdf[pdf] 963KB

Rules_of_Estuary_Housing_Association_Jan_2021.pdf [pdf] 7MB

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