Home Learning

Here are some general ideas for you to follow at home with your child to help him/her along with his/her learning.

  • When practising pencil grip for colouring/writing make sure your child holds the pencil at the bottom and encourage a good grip
  • When practising writing your child’s name always use a capital letter at the beginning of each name and lowercase letters for the rest. Always start at the top of the letter.
  • When writing your child’s name on a piece of work always write it on the top left side of the paper, this encourages them to look here first: this is the early stages of reading
  • Sit and look at books with your child regularly
  • Talk about what your child has done at nursery that day, what did he/she have for snack? What is the colour of the week? What did they play with?  Don’t be surprised if they say they played with nothing
  • Talk about numbers around them, how old are they, the number that they live at, the number on the busses, the numbers on the car registration plates, the numbers when shopping i.e. prices etc
  • Whilst playing sort items into groups or sets, sort out all the pigs and all the cows, sort out all the red cars and the blue cars, etc
  • Talk about what day of the week is it, what day it was yesterday and what day it will be tomorrow. Can they remember what they did yesterday? Last week?

Finally, don’t expect too much from your child, sometimes too many questions can be frightening for some children. Give plenty of praise and encouragement and above all HAVE FUN whilst playing with your child – it won’t be long before they are all grown up and won’t want to play any more.