Key Issues

Key Issues


Please help us to keep the area you live in clean by ensuring that you do not leave rubbish or bulky items in the communal areas. All household rubbish should be placed in the dustbins. If your building has a rubbish chute, only use it for small items of rubbish and avoid using it after 9pm and before 7am to prevent noise in your block.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you dispose of bulky items at your own cost. Items should not be left in the communal area. Any item disposed of by Estuary will be recharged to you at the full cost.


It is our priority to remove racist, sexist and otherwise offensive graffiti. We encourage residents to report any graffiti (both inside and outside the building) to their Housing Officer. Our aim is to have offensive graffiti removed within 24 hours of it being reported. Other types will be removed within a week.

Abandoned Vehicles

A reminder to residents that any car parking on our property should be parked responsibly and appropriately. Any vehicle which is believed to be abandoned or untaxed, will have a notice fixed to it. Following the notice, if the issues are not corrected, the vehicle will be removed and disposed of.

Bulk Refuse

Not only does the abandonment of large, unwanted household items look unsightly, it causes a significant cost for removal. The funds to remove items come directly from your service charges and therefore affects everyone. Due to the expense involved, we are left with little option but to take action to recover the cost of clearing tipped items when we are able to trace them back to the original owners.

Many councils offer a bulky waste collection service for the responsible removal of old sofas, fridges, armchairs, mattresses and such the like. There is usually a small charge for this service. To find out more, please contact your local council.

Storage of Possessions

We understand that storage can be a problem, especially in flats. However, no personal possessions are allowed to be stored in communal areas including all open spaces , even as a temporary measure. Therefore, bikes, buggies, ladders, play equipment and any other items need to be kept inside your home or shed. Items left in shared areas can cause a fire risk by blocking a safe route to exit the building, safety implications in relation to slips, trips and falls and also interferes with the general cleaning & Gardening functions. If an item is persistently stored in a communal area, it shall be disposed of without notice.


All Councils run recycling schemes and we encourage residents to take part in this. Care must be taken, as if this is not done correctly the recycling becomes contaminated and will not be collected. Where this happens the cost comes again from your service charge, so it is in your interest to ensure you take the time and recycle correctly.