Kings House - Building Safety Updates

This page is for residents at Kings House to be updated on building safety matters. Please check back regularly for updates.


Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

The last FRA was undertaken at Kings House on 28th September 2020, and the block was assessed as medium risk. FRA’s are reviewed annually at this building.

If you would like any further information about the FRA, please contact us.


Evacuation Strategy

Kings House currently has a full evacuation strategy in place. This means that you should evacuate the building in the event of a fire.

A 24-hour Waking Watch and communal smoke detection system are currently in use at Kings House. In the event of a fire, the Waking Watch will contact the London Fire Brigade and will initially instruct affected residents to evacuate. They will then instruct residents on the floors above to commence evacuation.

If you are worried or concerned about your ability, or someone in your household, to evacuate the building independently please contact us.


Waking Watch

We have provided two Waking Watch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their role is to patrol the building for signs of fire or smoke, and to facilitate evacuation.

They are not able to directly tackle antisocial behaviour; however, they do provide Estuary with reports and we will take further action as appropriate.


External Wall System

Kings House has three materials on the exterior:

  • Metal cladding: This was replaced following the Grenfell Tower fire and now meets the standard required under current Building Regulations. We used a material which has A1 fire classification.
  • Terracotta cladding: This has been assessed and meets the requirements of Building Regulations in that they will not support the spread of fire.
  • Render: This is subject to investigation currently.

Our Consultants (PRP), Insurers and Estuary staff have recently been on site carrying out intrusive investigations into the exterior wall system and we will be updating residents on this shortly. Please check back here for updates.



The balconies are constructed of steel. They will not support the spread of fire; however, this is why it is important that residents do not use their balconies to store combustible material as this could allow fire to spread.

Please do not store timber or other combustible materials on your balcony as this may affect your safety in the event of a fire.

Netting has been provided to the balconies to stop pigeons roosting; this has been subject to fire risk assessment and we can confirm it is compliant.


EWS1 Forms

An EWS1 form is available upon request for Kings House; please contact us if you require a copy.

Further information can be found on our EWS1 page.



We do ask that all residents take direct responsibility for the safety of the block by:

  • Ensuring items are not left in communal areas – these could help spread fire and /or prevent escape from the building
  • Not smoking in communal areas
  • Notifying us of any repair issues in communal areas – please call 0808 169 1969.
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