Leasehold Arrears of rent and service charges

Arrears of Rent, Service Charge, Ground Rent and Other Charges


Regardless of how you pay your rent or other charges, you are responsible for ensuring that they are paid in full and on time.

If you fall behind with your payments you must speak to our Income Team immediately on 0300 304 5000.

You should ensure that you make every effort to pay your rent and other charges. We may be able to advise you about benefits or make a realistic agreement with you to clear the debt. If you have several debts you may need help from a debt counselling service or the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

Non-payment of ground rent, service charges or other charge regardless of the type of lease will put you in default of the terms and conditions of your lease.

If you are a Shared Owner with persistent arrears, not keeping to an agreement or you fail to notify us, we will notify your mortgage lender and approach them for arrears payments. This may put your home at risk of repossession by your mortgage lender, particularly if you also have mortgage arrears. If you do not make satisfactory arrangements to clear the debt, Estuary will consider legal action for breach of the terms and conditions of your lease (also known as forfeiture).

Any legal action will be taken formally through the courts. You will be at risk of losing your home as Estuary can request possession.