Leaseholder Responsibilities

As a shared owner you have a lease that entitles you to live in your home. Your lease sets out the exact contract that you have with us. We can try and help you understand your lease, but it is a legal document so you may wish to contact a solicitor.

You must keep to the terms of your lease and ensure that anyone living with you, or visiting you also keeps to the conditions.

  • You must pay the ground rent and service charge. Shared owners must pay any rent for the proportion of your home owned by Estuary Housing Association
  • If you live in a flat you must maintain and repair the internal parts of your home. Residents living in a house must maintain the whole of the property including the exterior structure
  • Residents of flats must allow Estuary Housing Association, or anyone employed by Estuary Housing Association, access to carry out necessary works to the block of flats
  • You must pay any taxes or charges due for your home including bills for services and council tax
  • You are responsible for ensuring that an annual gas safety check is carried out
  • You must ensure that the contents of your home and all your personal possessions are insured
  • You should not alter the exterior or interior of the premises without the written permission of Estuary Housing Association
  • You must not use your home for anything other than a private residence.