Leaseholders/Shared Owners

What is a leasehold?


Under the law, leasehold is another form of tenancy. Therefore, in some documents and legislation, you may find that you will be referred to as a tenant.

Whether you purchased your home from another leaseholder or from Estuary Housing Association under the preserved Right to Buy scheme, the Right to Acquire scheme or the Shared Ownership scheme, you will have purchased the lease on your home.

A lease is a legal agreement between the Landlord (the freeholder) and the person buying the lease (the leaseholder). The lease sets out the obligations of both the leaseholder and the freeholder. It gives the leaseholder rights over the property for a fixed term of years. During that time you are able to sell the lease of the property to another person.

At the end of the lease the property once again returns to the freeholder. In most cases you can apply to have the lease extended and in some circumstances apply to buy the freehold.

You should request a copy of your lease from your solicitor at the time you purchase your home. If this is not possible, you may be able to obtain a copy from your Mortgage Lender or from Estuary Housing Association upon payment of an administrative charge. Your lease should be referred to if you have concerns about rights or responsibilities or if there is a problem or dispute.