Letting Our Homes

The information below provides information on our service standards for letting our homes through our Lettings Policy.

We provide homes for people in the greatest need of housing who are unable to obtain good quality and affordable housing through the private market or other means.

Our Guarantee - Whilst You Are Waiting For An Estuary Home

To ensure the allocation service we provide achieves a high standard we will:

  • Develop a clear and concise Lettings Policy and Procedure for waiting list and transfer applicants
  • We will review the Lettings Policy regularly in consultation with residents
  • Lettings will be open and accountable and will not discriminate
  • Ensure our application forms request only information that is relevant to you having a home with us
  • Operate in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Carry out an annual review of all applicants on our waiting lists
  • Play an active role in developing choice based letting schemes with local authorities
  • Send housing applications to you via Adobe Sign
  • On receipt of your form we will assess it within 20 working days or we will write, email or telephone you where additional information is required
  • Advise you how you can appeal should you be unhappy with our decision regarding your assessment or offer of a home.

Our Guarantee - When We Have Found You A New Home

  • We will carry out affordability checks, using entitled.to and credit checks to ensure that the property is affordable to you
  • When we are able to make an offer of accommodation, we will contact you via telephone or email
  • You will be sent a tenancy agreement with your signature inserted prior to viewing a property due to everything being done in a contactless way
  • You will be able to view the property, and we request that there is a maximum of 2 people at the viewing. We also request that children do not attend the viewing
  • When you accept the property, you will be required to pay 1 weeks' rent at the viewing regardless of being on benefits. An officer will call to take the payment over the telephone via debit card
  • We will explain the legal aspects of your new tenancy and what is expected of you, your family and visitors
  • The week after your tenancy commences, the Income Officer will call you and introduce themselves to you, as well as discussing the rent and set up a Direct Debit
  • Within the first 8 weeks of you moving in, we will contact you to see how you have settled and whether there are any outstanding issues which need addressing
  • We will ensure you know how to report any repairs to your home, and who to contact if you have any concerns with regard to your tenancy.

Your Responsibility

Your responsibility as an applicant on our waiting list is to ensure you do the following in order that any offer of accommodation is not delayed:

  • Keep us informed of any changes to your circumstances that may affect your application for housing with us including change of telephone numbers
  • Respond to our letters, emails, telephone calls or text messages within the time scales stated to avoid your application being delayed or cancelled
  • Ensure your annual review form is returned when requested. This will be sent to you via email
  • Keep appointments for viewing properties
  • Take up residence of your new home at the start of your tenancy
  • Pay a minimum of one weeks' rent and service charge, if applicable, on the day of viewing.

Failure to do these things may result in an offer of accommodation being withdrawn or a tenancy being terminated.

If you feel this service guarantee

If you feel this service guarantee has not been met, please tell us by contacting the Customer Advice Team on 0300 304 5000.
Any complaints or suggestions regarding this service will be dealt with according to our Customer Feedback Policy.