Do you need permission to make improvements?

Improvements - You may be able to to carry out improvements to your home.

Do you need permission to make improvements?

Yes.  You should get written permission from Estuary Housing Association before you make any improvement. You may also need local authority planning permission and/or building regulation approval, which you are responsible for obtaining.

If you don't obtain permission, you will be held liable for the costs of returning the property to its original condition. For example, if you have replaced flooring without authorisation, the Housing Association could bill you for the cost of removing flooring and installing suitable replacements. You may also find yourself being liable if a visitor to your home sustained an injury as a result of the unauthorised works carried out.

Examples of common alterations/improvements that would require our permission are:-

  • Replacing floor coverings
  • Hang wallpaper or other wall coverings
  • Aids and adaptations
  • Building patios or decking
  • Additional fencing
  • Erecting a garden shed, summer house or aviary
  • Installing a satellite dish
  • Installing any security or personal surveillance equipment (CCTV or audio). We will only give permission for equipment that fully complies with data protection act, human rights and any other relevant legislation.

How to Apply?

When you wish to carry out a home improvement, please contact us with your plans. The best way to do this is by filling out our Online Tenant Improvement Application form.  Send this into our offices with any supporting documentation. We will review your request and aim to respond to you within 30 working days with an approval or rejection. We will also include along with our decision any reasons and/or conditions for accepting or rejecting your application.