Mediation can provide a quick and effective way of resolving disputes in an impartial, non judgmental and strictly confidential situation. It may also minimise the risk of conflicts in the future and can save or re-establish important relationships. This service is independent and therefore offers an outside opinion on your dispute

Is Mediation the right choice for me?

Mediation is free of charge for all residents who wish to use the service.

It is an alternative to going to court where the process can be lengthy and expenses can be very high, with a court making the final decision for all those concerned, one side is always going to be a loser.
Mediation allows all parties the opportunity to talk and be listened to without any interruption and to feel they have achieved something.
You can have a one on one discussion with the mediator in your home, if you are initially uncomfortable about attending a face to face meeting.
The process of Mediation is impartial, non judgemental and strictly confidential. Therefore mediators will not be taking sides in the dispute, nor will they judge anybody.


The Benefits of Mediation:

  • You get to tell the other persons your feelings and concerns.
  • Being listened to and therefore feeling supported.
  • You start to feel in control again.
  • By talking to a mediator you take a positive step to resolving the problem.
  • Mediation is held in a neutral location and controlled environment to allow all parties to feel at ease.


Mediation can help residents who are experiencing disputes over such things as:

  • Noise
  • Fences / Boundaries
  • Nuisance from Children & Youths
  • Street Parking
  • Barking Dogs
  • Parties & Loud Music
  • General Nuisances


Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

It is not always easy to accept that a situation has become serious enough to be called a dispute. Yet disputes and conflicts are a fact of everyday life in modern times.
Unresolved disputes can consume considerable time and money whilst causing severe stress to those involved. Many individuals or organisations are reluctant to take the risk of going to court. Even those that do, can find the emotional and financial stress difficult to bear.