Our #PlanToPay Campaign

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We understand the increase in cost of living across all our communities will have an impact. #PlanToPay means we commit to:

  • Helping you keep your home
  • Giving you the advice and support you need if you’re struggling with your income
  • Guiding you through the maze of benefits and government help available.


Helping You Keep Your Home

We commit to not evicting you when: 

  • You fully engage with us. This will include completing forms and giving us the financial information required to support you
  • You keep to a repayment arrangement or court order.


We are here to help, not to judge

  • Don’t feel ashamed if you can’t make ends meet
  • Don’t feel embarrassed if you need to apply for benefits
  • We can signpost you for specialist debt advice if you need this
  • We can support you with claims for a Discretionary Housing Payment and Personal Independence Payments.

Our advice is based on your individual circumstances. Help us to support you – contact us now.


Benefits of Debt Advice

We are not able to give debt advice, so we have partnered with the Money and Pensions Service. You don’t need to be in rent arrears to ask for our help. We can make a direct referral for you. We can also give you details, so you can contact them yourself.


If you feel able to research things yourself, the best websites are below:

  • MoneyHelper  – information benefits budgeting, debt and much more. Used to be the Money Advice Service
  • Citizens Advicebenefits, work, debt, consumer, immigration and more
  • Money Saving Expert– information on benefits, energy bills, work and much more
  • Everyday Money - Advice to help you use your money in the best way you can
  • Turn2Us - Information about grants, and advice to help you manage your money and pay your bills.

Giving You The Advice And Support You Need If You Are Struggling With Your Income

You’re not alone!


  • Our teams have lots of experience of helping residents out of tight spots.
  • We know the systems and we’re here to help.
  • We can talk to you about things you can do.
  • Or if you need help, we can help you find the assistance you need.


Don’t suffer alone! Let us help you. Please contact us today.


Email icon and link to info@estuary.co.uk info@estuary.co.uk

Telephone icon.Call us on 0300 304 5000 0300 304 5000

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Guiding You Through The Maze Of Benefits And Government Help Available

You could be entitled to financial help from benefits.

If you have never applied for benefits it can seem overwhelming. Don’t let confusion or embarrassment stop you from getting the help you need.

If your circumstances have changed recently, there may be benefits you can apply for that you're not aware of.

By speaking with us, we can tell you how to access these benefits. You can also try our benefits calculator.


If you need any help, please contact us.


Email icon and link to info@estuary.co.uk  info@estuary.co.uk

Telephone icon. Call us on 0300 304 5000 0300 304 5000

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We do expect...

We do expect you to continue to pay your rent where you can, so we can provide the services you expect.

For some there will not be a change in your income. We do expect you to continue to pay your rent and service charge (if you have one) where you can.

We understand being at home does bring about other challenges. We know that your bills may be higher, food more expensive etc.  So if you have any concerns about paying your rent, we really do want to hear from you.

Email icon and link to info@estuary.co.uk info@estuary.co.uk      Telephone icon. Call us on 0300 304 5000 0300 304 5000       Facebook Logo: Find us on Facebook at #Estuary_HA 

Other Useful Links & Information

Universal CreditHow To Claim

Employment And Benefit Support Information

Help With Fuel Payments - Government agrees measures with the energy industry to support vulnerable people through COVID-19

Information On Prepaid Energy Topups, Benefits And Work Etc

Food Bank - Trussell Trust
We're now registered with the Trussell Trust to create E-vouchers for Estuary Housing Association's residents in need.

This means that, after a consultation, we are able to issue a code which you can take, along with your ID, to the food bank to collect your parcel. We don’t have to send vouchers out in the post and you will get a code the same day.

  • Find your local foodbank
  • Please note that the same rules apply as they always have – no more than 3 vouchers in any 6-month period and checks will be carried out in accordance with this.

Free School Meals

Self-Employment Help

Staying At Home To Work Or With A Reduced Or Zero Income

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