Moving Out

A set of keys with an Estuary Housing Association tag I Wish To Move Out Of My Property. What Should I Do?

The majority of our tenants are required to give at least four weeks notice of their intention to move out of one of our properties in writing.

Before You Leave Your Home

  • You must ensure that rent and service charges are paid up to and including the last day of your tenancy
  • You are required to leave a forwarding address
  • You must ensure your home is clean and tidy, that any damage has been repaired and that you have removed all your possessions
  • You also need to ensure the loft space and any garage or out-buildings have been cleared.

Done All The Above? You Could Be Rewarded.

While we would be sorry to see you leave us, we would like to reward residents who have taken care of their home.

If you have kept your home to a good standard, allowed us access, given the required notice period and forwarding address, you could be rewarded with up to £150.

The reward is split in two parts. You could receive either part or both up to a maximum of £150.

Here is how you can earn the reward:

Notification Period - £75

To earn the Notification Period reward, you need to:

  • Give us at least 4 weeks notice, in writing
  • Allow us access during the 4 weeks for any inspections, works or viewings
  • Supply a forwarding address.

Moving Out - £75

To earn the Moving Out reward:

  • Your home should be of a good decorative standard
  • When you leave, you need to ensure it is clean and no possessions or rubbish are left behind
  • Gardens should be maintained
  • Sheds and loft spaces should be left clear
  • Only leave any carpet or flooring that we have agreed can stay. All other flooring is to be removed
  • No furniture or white goods should be left in the property
  • No rechargeable repairs are found
  • All keys must be available (including communal door keys/fobs, garage, shed, as appropriate).

How Will I Receive This Incentive?

Where you have done everything above and you do not have a debt with us, we will post a cheque to your new address.

  • We aim to send this within 10 working days from the end of your tenancy
  • If any arrears remain, or we have found rechargeable repairs, any award you would have received will be taken away from this debt.

Further Information

More Information

How Do I Give My 4-Weeks Notice?

Notice can be given in writing, or you may complete the Notice To End Tenancy form.pdf (0.010MB) Adobe Acrobat File.

Please be sure to sign your notice and return it to us by email.

How Do I Return My Keys?

Your Housing Officer will tell you the safest way to return your keys.

  • We must receive your keys before 12 noon on the Monday after your tenancy ends.

Once we have received your keys, a Surveyor will inspect the property. This is when any rechargeable repairs are identified.

What Do Rechargeable Repairs Include?

A rechargeable repair will be charged to you if we find any of these:

  • Rubbish, furniture, white goods (cookers, fridges) left behind
  • Untidy, overgrown gardens or balcony areas
  • Flooring being left that is of poor quality and needs to be removed
  • Any damage that is not considered fair wear and tear
  • Non-standard light fittings, electrical switches or sockets left at the property (where previous written permission by us hasn’t been given)
  • Any alterations made which have not received permission in writing from us.

Under Occupation Policy

Please see our  Under_Occupation_Incentive_Scheme_Policy_.pdf [pdf] 550KB for more information.