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  1. EU citizens urged to take action during EU transition

    With just 50 days until the end of the EU Transition Period, EU benefit claimants living in the UK are being urged to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

    The UK has left the EU, and is in the Transition Period which ends at the end of this year. The Withdrawal Agreement provides citizens with the certainty they need about their rights going forward.

  2. Fireworks and Bonfires

    If you're looking at setting off some fireworks this weekend or having a bonfire, take a look at these handy tips...

  3. Halloween 2020 - Trick or Treat?

    We need to have fun, but as a result of COVID we need to think of alternatives to the traditional trick or treating this year. People are coming up with alternative ideas such as creating pumpkin trails, online parties, dressing up outside houses, sharing pictures of costumes on social media and making decorations for neighbours to enjoy.

  4. Changes to Coronvirus Restrictions in Your Area

    London and Essex are expected to enter High level restrictions and Thurrock and Southend still at Medium level restrictions (although under constant review). If you’re in a high level area you can’t mix households inside. You can only mix in a group of 6 outside. But businesses can continue to operate in a Covid safe way. Estuary is Covid safe and will keep on working as we are. We will update you if anything changes.

  5. Coronavirus Restrictions in Your Local Area

    With the UK adopting a three-tier system of restrictions  there will be further things to remember and they are different according to where you live! You can check out what you can and can’t do according to your post code:

  6. Axis Home Repairs During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Axis would like to reassure our residents about the increased safety measure they're undertaking while conducting repairs in homes.

    They have produced a leaflet showing what precautions they're taking, along with what you can expect and what you can do to help.

    The leaflet, Safety First!, is available digitally and will open in a new window.

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