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Chair of the FER is Stepping Down

Chair of the FER is Stepping Down

Janet joined us in 2016 as a co-opt member of the Federation of Estuary Residents.

She wanted to just dip her toes in the water of resident involvement with us at first. Well, it was not long until she became the Chair of the whole committee. Her dedication to our residents in ensuring they all receive the best services from their landlord was astounding.

She has given so much of her time to Resident Involvement that we wanted to share some of her highlights over the last 3 years.

  • Janet pioneered the fire alarm testing stick project. From this, almost 4,000 firesticks have been distributed to residents' homes to encourage weekly fire alarm testing, keeping our residents safe in their homes
  • Saw the FER and Scrutiny through their merger in 2018
  • Supported the #PlantoPay campaign to support residents in managing their rent costs
  • Sat on numerous Working Groups including Domestic Violence Action Group, Repairs, Health and Safety, Planned Maintenance and Allocations Appeals Panel
  • Supported the Scrutiny Lead on the first two Scrutiny Boot Camps
  • Was an integral part of the procurement of the new Repairs and Maintenance contract in 2019
  • Represented both ours and the FER’s work at many conferences and worked with TPAS (tenant engagement experts) and HQN (Housing Quality Network) sharing customer engagement good practice
  • Attended our community days – this is where Janet really shone, talking to residents and spreading the good work her committee do.

Janet has also been nominated and won at the Annual Resident Awards over the last few years including: Making a Difference, Good Neighbour Award, Creativity and Innovation and Resident of the Year.

We have seen her grow so much over the last few years, especially her confidence. She has completed enormous amounts of training to constantly improve her skills and knowledge and even manages a lot of the FER's social media pages and committee WhatsApp groups as communication is very important in the way she leads her committee.

We are going to miss her greatly. We will especially miss her laugh and her ability to listen and support you no matter who you are. She will always have the time for you. We want to wish her the best of luck in her new ventures and thank her for everything she has accomplished. Her efforts and achievements will never be forgotten.