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Extra £½ million a year investment in our repairs contract

Extra £½ million a year investment in our repairs contract

We’re fixing it!  - Extra £½ million a year investment in EHA repairs

Estuary Housing Association (EHA) intends to increase investment in the repairs service by an extra £½ million a year from April 2020. The decision follows an extensive review of our repairs and maintenance needs. The review included a careful analysis of resident feedback and expert input from both staff and residents through the Federation of Estuary Residents (FER).

Ian Martin, Chief Executive of EHA said:

‘Residents and staff have together identified weaknesses in our current contract including: missed appointments; repairs taking too long; lack of communication on late running or complex repairs. 

‘To correct these weaknesses we’re investing an extra £1/2 million a year to enable contractors and staff to: keep appointments, get it right first time and stay in touch with residents until the repair is completed.

‘In addition, EHA has employed a Customer Experience Contract Manager and we will have a full-time member of the contractor’s repairs team at Estuary, to help ensure that the residents’ views are fully addressed in the delivery of the repairs service.

‘We’re also improving the IT interfaces to ensure it works more efficiently.’

Over the past 12 months EHA has been conducting a procurement process driven by residents. The process focused on residents’ experience, the quality of repairs and communications.

Janet Ledgerton, Chair of the Federation of Estuary Residents said:

‘I’m really pleased that residents were at the heart of this important decision. There were 10 competitors bidding for this work in a very competitive field. Our committee ensured it was a fair and transparent process.

The process was overseen by external independent consultants and assessed by residents and staff to ensure we made resident led decisions. Residents, staff and external consultants evaluated the tenders resulting in AXIS Europe Ltd. achieving the highest score on quality and delivery’.

The proposed new contract was scored first on quality (65%) and then on cost (35%). At the conclusion of this rigorous process the Board agreed AXIS Europe was the preferred partner, subject to the satisfactory completion of all statutory consultations, which are now underway.

Although 95% of our 8,000 repairs, delivered over the last six months, were delivered on time, the proposed new contract will mean that residents get a much better service including:

  • The repairs team staying in touch with residents until the repair is completed
  • 15-minute call back for emergencies and a visit within 4 hours (or 2 hours for vulnerable residents)
  • Calls ahead of repairs to ensure residents are in
  • Resident repair training days
  • 100 hours of community days a year
  • Flexibility of repairs  - ½ day, 1 day and residents’ choice for repair slots

Peter Mercer, Director of Property Services said:

 ‘We’re fixing it!

Everyone at EHA and all our partners will be fully focused on your priorities. We are excited about the proposed improvements and we are confident that our residents will see the results of our investment.

We want to thank our staff and residents for driving this process which has helped us focus on the needs of our residents. As ever our residents remain at the heart of everything we do. When you’re happy, we’re happy.’

Tell us what you think about your new repairs experience when the contract starts in April. Have your say by posting on our Social Media pages  giving feedback via email, the website or giving us a call.

Your view is important to us.