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The Federation of Estuary Residents are concerned about the ever increasing issue of fly tipping

Did you know in the last year Estuary Housing Association spent £100,000.00 disposing of unwanted items and over 4500 hours of staff time to remove the items? This money could go towards improving your home.

As residents we do understand the need to get rid of unwanted household rubbish.

Just dumping items is not the answer, there are other ways of getting rid of your rubbish. Your local authority will provide a collection service of your unwanted household items, this is subject to a charge. Sue Ryder also collect some household items for free. Check the link on our website.

Dumping rubbish attracts vermin so please remember to bin it responsibly

Rats and mice will use your rubbish as a home and this will spread disease through mouse and rat droppings. Dumping rubbish is classed as anti-social behaviour and you run the risk of receiving an on the spot fine and you could also be putting your tenancy at risk. In the past three weeks Estuary Housing have issued over 40 fly tipping notices.

Communal areas - Depositing rubbish and other items in communal areas promotes the spread of fire and blocks escape routes, putting the safety of you and your neighbours at serious risk.

You may not necessarily save money by chucking out a perfectly good appliance and replacing with a newer, more efficient model.  f you do decide to replace your appliance the advice from the Energy Saving Trust is that it is worth investing in one with a high energy and high efficiency rating. Just remember to dispose of the old one responsibly.

Thank you.

Federation of Estuary Residents