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Government's Green Paper

Government's Green Paper

We will be working with residents and partners to positively respond to the Government’s green paper

The Government has recently published a green paper setting out their proposals for social housing in the future, the document itself can be accessed here.

The consultation will centre on the five core themes of:-

Ensuring homes are safe and decent;
Effective resolution of complaints;
Empowering residents and strengthening the regulator;
Tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities; and
Expanding supply and supporting home ownership.

We will be working with our residents, both via the Federation of Estuary Residents and directly, to formulate our response to Government. 

See Paul Durkin, Chief Executive’s response here:-

“Estuary welcomes the proposals from Government and will be working with our residents and sector bodies to positively respond to this consultation.  

There can be no argument that supporting residents to live in safe and well maintained homes, where they are empowered and heard, and their complaints dealt with promptly and efficiently is the minimum our residents should expect from us. 

But we should not lose sight of the fact that housing policy over decades, through Governments of all political persuasions, has failed social housing tenants.  The concentration on homeownership as the tenure of aspiration, together with the reduction in central Government subsidy to support the development of new social homes, has led directly to both the residualisation of social housing and the failure to build the homes this country so badly needs. 

This green paper is an opportunity for the sector, together with Government, to construct a new future which values the role played by social housing providers and the contribution made to society by our residents.”