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We’re fixing it. We’re going live.

We’re fixing it. We’re going live.

Today, Estuary’s new repairs and maintenance contract with Axis Europe goes live.

The contract was agreed over a year ago,but was delayed going live due to Covid which caused a shortage of staff and materials.

Pre-Covid, Estuary Housing Association decided to increase investment in our repairs service by an extra £½ million per year. Last year staff and independent experts concluded a rigorous 12 month process to select a repairs contractor to deliver an excellent repairs service.  Residents and front-line staff identified

  • Keeping appointments
  • Getting it right first time
  • Staying in touch with you until the repair is completed

The new contract corrects these weaknesses.

The go live date was delayed for a year because of covid, but we’ve been testing many of the new features over the past months to make sure they are working well including:

  • Staying in touch with residents until the repair is completed by text
  • 15 minute call back for emergencies and repair within 4 hours
  • Text or calls ahead of repairs to ensure you’re in
  • Flexibility of repairs  - ½ day, 1 day and residents choice for repair slots

To track improvements on the service Estuary Housing Association have set up a repairs tracker to monitor the performance every month and are publishing the levels of resident satisfaction.

Ian Martin, CEO of Estuary Housing Association said: ‘I’m excited about the new repairs and maintenance contract going live today. We hope residents are already enjoying the new features on the new contract which are already correcting the weaknesses our residents identified in the past. Even during Covid, residents will already have seen many of the improvements, well ahead of the contract going live. We’re expecting that performance will continue to improve as we emerge from Covid lockdown and the new contract swings into action. As ever our residents remain the focus of everything we do. When our residents are happy, we’re happy.’  

Tim Hayes, Managing Director of Maintenance for Axis Europe said: ‘Despite Covid, over the past 12 months AXIS has delivered over 13,726 repairs. I’m delighted to see that Estuary’s satisfaction has grown from 62.3% to 86.4%.  I look forward to ensuring that Estuary’s residents’ customer satisfaction continues to improve as the new contract makes and impact.’

In the contract AXIS is also able to deliver £70k of social value through apprenticeships, work placements, residents training videos, employment training, handy person days to support Estuary care schemes, training and supervision for subcontractors, volunteering, as well as charitable funding.

Liz Mansfield, Chair of the Federation of Estuary Residents said: ‘The new repairs contract was designed for residents, by residents. We need your help to make sure it works and Axis is delivering. We want residents’ feedback. Estuary have agreed to be transparent and publish what our residents tell them.’