Outside Area

We know that outdoor play helps to keep children happy and healthy.

Being outdoors gives children valuable play and learning opportunities including contact with the weather, the seasons, the natural world and their local environment.

Our outside space offers children the space to be active and to explore. It gives them opportunities to use their senses to do things in different ways or on a larger scale than they can do inside.

In our nursery, we include a variety of stimulating outdoor activities to help promote all aspects of children’s learning and development.

Whenever possible, we will take activities outside so they are encouraged to learn in fresh air. When it is very hot outside, mainly during the summer months, we provide hats for the children and they are not allowed outside without one.

Our canopy over the garden allows the children to play outside regardless of the weather, we also have a selection of wet weather clothes for the children. With this in mind, we would also suggest you supply your child with wellington boots, sun hats and wet weather clothes - all named clearly - as we believe there is no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing! 

Snacks and Meals

The nursery makes snacks and meals a social time at which the children and adults eat together. We plan the menus for snacks so the children are provided with healthy and nutritious food. We take into account any dietary needs.

If your child is staying for lunch, we would ask you to provide a healthy cold packed lunch which contains no sweets, chocolates or nuts in.

Please provide this in an insulated packed lunch box with a freezer block in, as we do not have the facilities to refrigerate any perishable food. This is particularly important during the hotter months of the year. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to heat up any food for lunchtime.