Our Performance

Our aim is to be open and transparent about our performance. Select from the options to take a look in more detail at the performance across our business measured against our KPIs.

What Is A KPI?

What Is A KPI?

KPI means Key Performance Indicator. They are the way we measure how well we are doing, and the quality of the service we are giving you.

Each department has their own set of KPIs. The results are updated every three months.

Repairs and Telephone Calls

How our repairs service has performed, including repair orders raised and completed on time, first time fixes and telephone calls.


Health and Safety (Compliance)

Health and Safety (Compliance) gives information about the safety of our residents' homes. Includes gas safety, asbestos, electrical safety, communal fire risk, water hygiene and lift servicing.

Communal Cleaning & Gardening

The Communal Cleaning & Gardening section reveals how many of our properties were cleaned to either the Gold, Silver or Bronze standard.

Estate Inspections & Bulk Refuse

The Estate Inspections & Bulk Refuse information includes the number of estate inspections and the cost of removing bulk refuse.

Empty Properties (Voids)

The Empty Properties (Voids) section contains information about our empty properties, and their letting period after a tenant moves out.

Income (Rent Payment)

Income (Rent Payments) - Here we have information about the rent collection from our General Needs properties. This includes the amount of rent collected, and the cumulative value of rent arrears.

Tenancies (Antisocial Behaviour)

Tenancies (Antisocial Behaviour) shows how many open cases of antisocial behaviour we have had between 2020 and 2021.

Customer Service (Non-Repairs Telephone Calls)

Customer Service (Non-Repairs Telephone Calls) is about the number of calls taken by our Corporate Services team. It also includes the number of calls lost, the number of calls routed back to voicemail for callback, the longest and average times to answer calls, and calls dealt with at the first point of contact.

Customer Service - Complaints

Customer Service - Complaints has information about the number of complaints we received, what they were about, and how we dealt with Stage 1 and Stage 2 complaints.

All Performance Indicators

All Performance Indicators shows all of the KPI information in a single page.