Property Guidance Info

Please find below the property guidance information  – this is in conjunction with your tenancy agreement.


If you have any maintenance issues during your tenancy please firstly check to ensure the issue is not caused by user error (i.e. your appliance) and to identify whether it is your responsibility as a tenant to rectify. 

Please do so by referring to the terms of your tenancy agreement, statutory legal obligations or for appliances refer to a manual if there is one present, or by utilising specific branded internet sites.

Once you are certain there is an item to report, or you need our assistance, please call the Repairs Team on 0808 169 1969. The Repairs Team are available between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

For other tenancy matters please contact the Market Rent team on 0300 304 5000 or by email to 


Emergencies & Out of Hours Repairs

In the event of an emergency arising outside our office opening hours, please contact our Out of Hours Service via the 0808 169 1969 number. The Out-of-Hours team will only carry out temporary fixes/ repairs.


If you smell gas or think you may have a gas leak, please call the National Grid straight away on 0800 111 999


If you smell / notice fire, call 999 immediately


No Gas or Electricity / Electricity Tripping Off

Firstly, please check you have sufficient credit on the meter if this is a pre-payment meter.

Secondly, check with your neighbours or provider to which you pay your gas and electricity bill whether this is an outage in your street or local area. If it is, take your provider's advice on actions.

Where the electricity is tripping off, please check the fuses in the appliance plugs, and replace as necessary.

Where it is none of the above, please call the Repairs Team on 0300 304 5000 or follow emergency guidance.


Lack of Heating/Hot Water

A complete lack of heating and hot water would only be classed as an emergency repair between 1st October and 30th April, or where a young child or elderly person resides in the home on the tenancy agreement.

Please ensure you check your water heating system, as you may be able to rectify this.

If this is an electrical boiler, the fault will be visible and in many cases you should refer to a manual (easily sourced online if not in the property) as you may be able to rectify the issue yourself. If you have an electric immersion heater as an alternative means of supplying hot water, you will be expected to use this until repairs can be carried out as routine maintenance.

If you have a gas boiler, please ensure you have tried to reset the pilot light and re-pressurised the boiler – these are very common issues and are tenants’ responsibilities. As with electrical boilers, refer to a manual for full instructions.

Please also ensure you have checked any timers or thermostats throughout the property. If it is only the heating that has failed, then please check your radiators. If one of them is warm to touch at the bottom only, this would indicate air in the system and the radiator will need bleeding in order to reinstate the heating. This is a simple job using a radiator key. A radiator key can be purchased for very little from most general stores and is a tenant’s responsibility.


Loss of Water Supply

If you experience total loss of water to your property, please check whether or not the water authority has turned off the supply in your area. You can do this by either contacting a neighbour or the local water provider. Quite often, the cold water tap in the kitchen is linked directly to the mains, so try this. If there is no supply from this tap, the supply may have been stopped and you should contact the emergency water authority number.

You can find your local water supplier on the CC Water Website.


Burst Pipes

Turn off the water supply at the stopcock and use containers to try to catch the water.  If the water is affecting the electricity, switch off the supply at the mains.


Leaking Waste to Bath and/or Sink

Emergency repairs to leaking waste pipes for baths and sinks are normally only carried out if the appliance is unusable because of the leak. If the leak can be caught with containers, please do this and report the repair during normal working hours.

You can find your local water supplier on the CC Water Website.


Fire or Theft

If you experience a break in or fire, please contact the relevant local authority immediately. In the event of a burglary, you will need to ensure you receive and keep noted a crime reference number. Both you and your landlord will need this in order to make any necessary insurance claim.


Lost Keys/Fobs

If your issue relates to lost keys, please contact a locksmith. You will need to make us aware that you have had the locks changed.

If there is a repair issue with the lock meaning you are not able to enter/exit the property outside of office hours, please contact a locksmith and ensure they provide a receipt confirming details of the cause of the issue and notes of the repair. You will need to keep a copy of the receipt to send through to the Market Rent team to arrange reimbursement.

If you have lost your door entry fob/car park fob, please contact our Central Services Team on 0300 304 5000 to arrange replacement. You will need to pay for a replacement fob unless the fob is faulty, in which case you will need to return the faulty fob to us.



Tenant(s)’ are responsible for maintaining the gardens or balconies that form part of the property. Remember to cut your grass and maintain your garden which includes any bushes/shrubs/trees or balcony. We are responsible for any communal gardens.


Lightbulbs/Lights Not Working

If you have a light not working, firstly check whether the light bulb just needs changing or whether the fuse has tripped. Tenants are responsible for replacing bulbs. If the light fitting is still not working, then report the issue to the Repairs Team.


Loft Storage is Not Permitted 

We do not permit items to be stored in the loft. We will not be held responsible for any damage to items stored there in the event of a leak or other damage that occurs in the property.



It is important to report any faults promptly to the Repairs Team and allow access to our staff and contractors to ensure the repair can be inspected and undertaken within agreed timescales.


Maintenance Time-scales

Emergency repairs will be acted upon within 4 hours of reporting/to be completed with 24 hours.


Routine Repairs 

Appointments are agreed with the tenant and completed no later than 20 working days from date of report. (The completion date has been extended to 30 days during the Covid-19 pandemic, due to the subsequent restrictions).