Resident Awards 2019

The winners are banner
A big thank you to all the residents that attended the awards ceremony and for making the atmosphere so warm and welcoming!
The winners are...

Daniel Rose - Good Neighbour Award 

Phil Little - Creativity and Innovation Award

Karl Smith - Making a Difference Award 

Eileen Newth & Lorraine Shearer - Staff Member of the Year – (For Estuary Residents only)

Paul Richards - EBS Rep of the Year

Chloe Read, Diane Morgan & Victoria Young - Youth Volunteer of the Year (new)

Anastasia Geikina - Young Person of the Year (new)

Karl Smith & Patricia Osborn - Resident of the Year

Well done to all of the winners and thank you to those who nominated and voted. Here's to next year!

Photos from the event

You can find the photos from the event on our Facebook page. Please click here.

Award Categories

Good Neighbour Award 
A ‘good neighbour’ is someone who you think has done something to help improve their neighbours' lives within their community

Creativity and Innovation Award 
Is for a person or group who has come up with a new and inventive way of engaging or improving their local community.

Making a Difference Award 
As suggested by the title, someone who has truly made a difference somehow within their neighbourhood.

Staff Member of the Year – (For Estuary Residents only)
For a staff member who has provided excellent service and has gone above and beyond for a resident or community.

Paul Richards - EBS Rep of the Year
Awarded to a committed Estate Block Street representative who has spoken on behalf of the residents in their community reporting communal issues to ensure a good service.

Youth Volunteer of the Year (new)
Is for a person (Resident or non resident) who volunteers at a youth club or youth events and who truly invests their time in being a positive influence in the lives of our younger residents.

Young Person of the Year (new)
Awarded to a younger resident (under 21) who deserves to be recognised for making a difference to their neighbours or their local community. 

Resident of the Year
A resident who spends time carrying out activities that benefits our residents. The award recognises those empowering and inspirational individuals who use their insight, energy and positivity to make a difference. This award is sponsored by the FER in honour of our Involved Residents who are sadly no longer with us.