Resident Board Members

Selection, Election and Appointment of Residents to the Board 

The Association’s Rules allow for up to one third of the Board to be Residents. The practice of having two reserved places on the Board for tenants was discontinued following a Governance Review. Recruitment of Board members to fulfil the identified skills matrix will be open to those Residents who are able to evidence the required skills and competencies, consistent with D7 of our adopted NHF Code of Governance 2015, as below:

“D7: Where the organisation’s constitution provides for one or more board members to be nominated or directly elected, the organisation must ensure that those coming forward bring skills and experience that meet the needs of the board, and that they are fully aware in advance of the responsibilities that they will undertake. New board members must not be appointed without undergoing a due selection and assessment process to establish their suitability.”

Residents will not be excluded from applying for advertised paid Board member vacancies, based on the merits of their skills, knowledge and ability, but should note the possible consequences of acceptance or refusal of a paid position, should they currently be in receipt of welfare benefits, before they apply. Resident Members appointed prior to 2015 will serve on a voluntary basis.

In the case of applications from Tenants:

  • The applicant must have a valid tenancy or leasehold agreement with Estuary HA and must not be under Notice of Seeking Possession.
  • They must not be in breach of their tenancy agreement.
  • They must not be in ‘true’ arrears. True arrears are due to late or non-payment of rent, in breach of tenancy conditions. They do not however relate to the delayed payment of a legitimate Housing Benefit/ Universal Credit claim


Election Process for Candidates who are Residents

Board members who are Residents shall be elected at or before the Annual General Meeting (AGM), by the Residents of the association or by anybody or bodies representing those Residents.

Any number of Tenant candidates interviewed and identified as suitable by the Panel, shall be put forward for election by Federation of Estuary residents (FER), which is the body recognised as representing Estuary HA Residents.

The Company Secretary shall prepare and compile the candidates’ election statements and profiles. This shall include the candidate’s passport photograph, summary of their personal statement giving past experience, suitability for the role and commitment to the mission, vision and values of Estuary HA.

The Company Secretary shall consult FER to determine the time and date for carrying out the elections. The election shall take place before Estuary HA’s AGM.

Depending on the number of Board members required, the Board approved candidate(s) with the highest number of votes shall be duly elected as Board members of EHA.

Following the selection by Panel, and FER election as appropriate, appointment will be proposed to the next Board of Management meeting, for approval.  New Board Members will be formally appointed by Shareholders at the next AGM.

Once appointed by the Board, all Board members will be asked to sign the EHA Board Members’ Code of Conduct and the Board Member’s ‘agreement for services’ along with other declarations provided in their induction pack.  The new Member’s Term of Office will commence when the appointment is approved by the Board of Management. The initial term will be for three years.

Board members will be appointed initially for two terms of three years with re-election onto the Board at the end of each term, followed by annual reviews for a maximum of a further three years. This will allow increased scope to review the required skills sets and appraise contributions from members. The maximum total term is nine years.

Resident candidates identified as suitable for appointment by the Panel will not become shareholders of EHA.