Resident Involvement Service Guarantee

At Estuary, we recognise that residents are at the heart of our business

We value the views and ideas of our residents and want to make it as easy as possible for you to have a say about what we do in a manner that suits you. Resident Involvement includes residents, staff and board members sharing information, ideas and power.

Involvement leads to better communication between staff and residents, better understanding of different views and better neighbourhoods for everyone to live in. This provides you with a range of ways for you to get involved, at a level that suits you and the time you have available. We will always cater our involvement to meet your needs.

We really value the time our residents give to us and their commitment to volunteering and you will never be left out of pocket for your involvement. We will arrange transport and reimburse transport where necessary and also provide assistance with childcare or any other care costs.

We want you to get the most out of your involvement with us. We can provide you with free training from the basics such as using a computer and an introduction to Social Housing to the more advanced training surrounding individual services areas. This training can really build your confidence especially if you are looking for work and is a great thing to add to your CV.


At a Local Level

How you can get involved in your local community

Come along to an estate or area meeting

We arrange meetings for an estate or area to discuss any issues residents are facing including issues around anti social behaviour and estate services. We run these meetings quarterly as an opportunity for residents to give us feedback in that area. We also arrange similar meetings as and when required to discuss specific issues and plans for individual estates or areas. To find out about the next meeting in your area, please call the Customer Engagement Team on 0300 304 5000, check the events calendar, or email

Time: Two hours per quarter
Travel: We try to keep these meetings as local to you as possible

Become an Estate/Block/Street Representative (EBS Rep)

EBS Reps work with the estate services team to monitor gardening/cleaning contractors in their local area as well as advising us of any management or maintenance issues affecting their community. Find out when your Estate Inspections take place by visiting the inspection timetable page.

Time: 1 hour a month
Travel: None! You can do this just by taking a short walk around your local area.

Join a Residents’ Association or Community Group

These are groups of interested residents from an estate or area who represent all residents in their community. Resident associations and social committees form the basis of local activity across Estuary Communities and can be a very useful way of improving community spirit, making sure that services are properly targeted, and help residents have a real say in the decisions that affect their homes.

Time: 2 hours every other month
Travel: We will always try to hold these meetings as local to your area as possible.

My Digital Voice

Throughout the year we will send out surveys by email for residents to complete. This is a panel of residents who we consult when we need your views on any changes we are proposing in our policies, procedures, or service delivery.
Complete this form to sign up to My Digital Voice.

Time: 1 hour, 4 times per year
Travel: None! You can take part in this from the comfort of your own home.

At an Estuary Wide Level

These roles require a bigger commitment but give a larger impact to the resident body

The Federation of Estuary Residents (FER)

This is an independent group of residents from all areas, working alongside Estuary Housing Association to agree any changes to services that are delivered to residents. They have a main committee meeting 6 times a year (see the Events Calendar) and members sit on panels throughout Estuary to represent residents. The FER are also responsible for our Estate Improvement budget which residents or resident groups can apply to for funding to improve communal areas.

Time: 3.5 hours per month
Travel: Currently all meetings take place across Essex and London in a location accessible to all. Transport will always be reimbursed.

Become Part of a Partnering Panel

Estuary has various partnership panels such as Planned Maintenance and Health and Safety, where residents are invited to join staff in ongoing work to improve services.

Time: TBC
Travel: Currently all meetings take place in Southend-on-Sea

  • You may need to undertake some training to be fully confident in this role.

At a Management Level

Resident Scrutiny Boot Camps

Within the Scrutiny process residents will work closely with staff to monitor, challenge, and identify concerns around Estuary Housing Associations compliance with local offers, regulatory requirements and service delivery standards. This relates in particular to performance, decision making, and business plans. Any resident can attend one of our Scrutiny boot camps. We carry out extensive consultation with residents to see which service areas residents would like to review. Once we know which service area residents would like to review we advertise a boot camp on our Facebook page and if you have an email address we will email you.

Time: 1-2 days per review

Travel: All meetings currently take place in Southend-on-Sea

Services Committee Resident Representative

Resident Committee Members work with Board Members and other co-opted Committee Members to help set the direction of our operational services and to monitor, scrutinise and challenge our operational performance.

Resident Committee Members bring their experience as a resident to assist the overall performance, planning and delivery of our longer term goals. The committee meets five times a year (usually 4.30pm to 6.30pm on Mondays). You will need to spend some time preparing for these meetings.

Time: Evening meetings take place for two hours every other month, plus time to prepare for the meetings. 
Travel: Currently all meetings take place in Southend-on-Sea.

  • You will need to undertake training to be comfortable in this role.
  • To help us to develop you in your role, we will meet with you once a year to undergo an annual appraisal.

How to Get Involved

For more information and to get involved, please contact the Customer Engagement Team on 0300 304 5000 or

Resident Involvement Expenses Policy

As an involved resident, we never want you to be left out of pocket. We have put together an expenses policy for residents to understand what and how they can claim back as an expense as part of their involvement. If you have any queries about this, please contact the Customer and Community Engagement Team on 0300 304 5000 or email

Resident Involvement Expense Policy V3.pdf [pdf] 1MB