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Scrutiny Bootcamps for Estuary residents

What are Scrutiny Bootcamps and why are they important?

Scrutiny Bootcamps are informal events in which a group of Estuary Housing Association's residents and staff get together to scrutinise a service. Before the day of the session, the Customer Engagement Team work closely with two scrutiny leads from the Federation of Estuary Residents to plan activities and other ways to find out what our residents really think about the service we provide. We like to ensure they are purely resident-led. Scrutiny Bootcamps are important because we want to make sure the services we provide are efficient and work well for our residents and for us. By the end of each session, residents have a list of recommendations for change which gets sent to our managers to consider. The Scrutiny Leads monitor the agreed recommendations to ensure that we are putting them in place.


Meet the Scrutiny Leads

Scrutiny Lead: Pauline Dipple

Scrutiny Lead - Pauline Dipple


Vice Scrutiny Lead: Andy Carlia-Jones

Andy Carlia-Jones, Vice Scrutiny Lead

Most Recent Scrutiny Bootcamp

Complaints and feedback service was the subject of our most recent session. Thank you to the residents who got involved and helped with this review. The final report below details the recommendations that residents put forward to improve the service. 


Next Scrutiny Bootcamp

Keep an eye out for our next Scrutiny Bootcamp. Further information will be posted on this page and across our social media channels. 

If you would like to attend the next Bootcamp, email the Customer and Community Engagement Team to book a place and for further information. 

What Is Our Role Within Estuary?

Formerly known as the Estuary Residents Services Review Panel (ERSRP), Scrutiny is part of co-regulation for residents to give feedback to their landlord, hold them to account and help improve services. Scrutiny is part of Estuary's governance arrangement and so acts as a critical friend. We are tenant owned and tenant-led, enabling the voice of all residents to be heard; our primary objective is to improve services for all Estuary's residents by holding our landlord to account.

Scrutiny involvement will prove a customer led assessment of the services offered to residents. This could involve identifying good practice from other organisations or making recommendations for improvement. You may be required to take an in-depth look at the way services are provided, to identify where improvements are needed and how services should be improved. 

Scrutiny Bootcamps

We are holding scrutiny bootcamps which any resident can attend to give their view on a particular service and to help us come up with recommendations for improvement. Once we have completed a review, we will present our findings and recommendations directly to the Services Committee made up of Estuary Senior Leadership Team and Board members. The Customer and Community Engagement Team then report back with an action plan so the Federation of Estuary Residents (FER) jointly with Scrutiny are able to monitor progress on the agreed recommendations.

Our First Review

Our first major review was completed at the start of 2014 looking into Estuary's Void Properties Procedure. The review focused on Value for Money surrounding the service, resident satisfaction, the standard of the void refurbishment and the needs of residents being met. Five recommendations were made and all were agreed, these included gifting any fitted flooring or sheds to the new residents if they wanted them, deep cleaning sanitary wear rather than replacing it each time a property became void and, including residents in void inspections by using the 12 Resident Inspectors.

The committee recently completed a review on former tenant arrears which was also well received by the organisation, and look forward to seeing their recommendations implemented.

The Estuary Residents Service Review Panel was recently short listed for the Customer Scrutiny Inspection Awards 2015 for the Most Inspirational Scrutiny Panel - Traditional Housing Association, for their work on the Voids Project.

If you would like to request a copy of this report, please email the Customer And Community Engagement Team or call us on 0300 304 5000.

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Or Maybe You Would Like to Give Feedback on One of Our Previous Reports?

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All requests will be fully considered although we cannot guarantee success. You will be contacted within 16 working days by a panel member to advise whether the request was successful. If your request is not successful, the Scrutiny Panel will advise you of other ways you may be able to get your issue resolved.

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