Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund

If you're an Estuary Housing Association resident who is struggling with financial difficulties, you may be eligible for assistance from our Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund.

What is the Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund?

Previously called the Welfare Fund, the Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund is a small amount of money that has been set aside to assist our tenants and residents who are having difficulty managing their financial obligations. It can be used for essential items or services that are needed by our tenants and/or those entitled to be residing in their household.

The fund is there to support our tenants and residents with a genuine financial need and to sustain tenancies.

Who Can Apply?

The fund is only available to tenants and residents of a property owned by Estuary Housing Association, and those who have a right to be in that property.

How do I Apply?

Applications can be made through your Housing Officer, Income Officer or by our Welfare Team.

Full details of your financial circumstances will be necessary and will include full household income and expenditure details, benefit and tax credit letters and, in some circumstances, your bank statements.

You may request an application form from our welfare team via email or from your housing or income officer, or download and complete the full Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund application form [pdf] 244KB . After you have completed it, please return the application to us by email.

The time taken for a decision to be made will vary dependant upon whether we receive all the information we require in the first instance or whether we need to speak to you further. We aim to deal with most applications within 14 days.

What Can I Apply For?

Eligible items will be essential to the household or a family member living in the tenants' home and can include (but is not limited to) white goods, equipment or services to support employment/training or basic living needs.

The Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund will not fund items that can be sourced from other funding such as the Essential Living Fund. It will only be available where it is clear the applicant cannot afford to secure funds elsewhere; such as social fund or bank/building society loans.

The Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund will not pay for rent arrears and cannot be used to pay other debts and loans. Cash payments will not be made.

Once applications are agreed the item will usually be ordered, paid for electronically and delivered.

Further Information

There is no right of appeal. However, we aim to treat everyone equally and fairly and if you are unhappy with our service in this respect please let us know.

If you have any questions about the Tenants' Emergency Assistance Fund that are not answered in the information given above, please contact us on 0300 304 5000 or email the Welfare Team.