Pink piggy bank wearing a yellow hard hat. Caption reads: TLF Research Because your opinions matter to us.

We’d Really Like to Hear Your Feedback

Your opinions matter to us. We want to hear what you have to say about the recent repair that was carried out in your home and what your experience was like.

We want to understand how you feel and what we need to do differently.

That’s why we have asked a company called TLF Research to conduct a satisfaction survey on our behalf. 

By listening to what you have to say, we can identify what we are doing well so can do more of it, or if there’s anything we could have done better or differently, that we can apply in the future.

TLF makes calls during the day and into the early evening. By doing this they get feedback from anyone who is not available during the day. They will not call later than 8.30pm. The number they generally call from is 01484 467098, but please note, this may vary. You're not able to call them back using this number.

What Happens if I Miss Their Call?

If you miss a call from TLF you do not need to worry. They will call you back at another time that suits you. They will never expect you to call them, so you do not need worry about any cost.

TLF is looking forward to getting to know you and we are looking forward to finding out what you think.

More Information on TLF

TLF specialises in running satisfaction surveys and helping organisations understand what they need to do to be better.

They work with different businesses including some well- known names such the Co-op and Direct Line.

They also work with lots of housing associations. This means that they understand the type of information that will help us improve.

TLF follows the GDPR and a special Code of Conduct for researchers. The Code makes sure that you, and any information you share, is treated with respect. For example, they will always check if you want your feedback to be anonymous or not. 

We worked closely with TLF to come up with a questionnaire that will be easy to complete on the telephone and gives you the chance to have your say. We took time to make sure the questions covered the things that matter to you, so we ask about quite a few topics.

The interviewers come from all walks of life. Many of them have worked for TLF for years because they enjoy talking to people and find the work so interesting.