If you are already a Council or Housing Association resident, you may be able to join their transfer waiting list for alternative accommodation. Each landlord has their own criteria, so you need to contact them to ask if you are able to join their transfer list.

Residents who live in our General Needs rented homes may be eligible for a transfer.

You can apply for housing in any area that is currently open as long as you have a housing need. Please refer to our Lettings Policy and  Urgent Rehousing Policy. However, for the closed areas you will only be considered where:-

  1. There is a proven medical need and:
    • you did not have the condition when you moved into your current home; or
    • you did have the condition, but it has worsened and your current home is hindering your recovery or aggravating symptoms; or
    • your current home cannot be adapted and an Occupational Therapist or similar medical professional has advised you need to move to a more suitable home
  2. We have agreed you meet our criteria for urgent rehousing, i.e. domestic abuse, threat to life
  3. You are living in home that is too large for your needs and you wish to move to a smaller home (the size of accommodation will be based on the criteria within our Lettings_Policy.


You will not be eligible for a transfer if:

  1. You have rent arrears or have unpaid rechargeable repairs
  2. You have breached your tenancy and/or there is a valid Notice of Seeking Possession
  3. Your home has not been kept to the required standard
  4. Your household size has increased and you require larger accommodation (you will need to look for a mutual exchange or register with the Local Authority).

If you believe you meet the criteria to be considered for transfer, please email our Allocations Team or phone us on 0300 304 5000, stating your reasons why you require a transfer. Where it is agreed you meet the criteria, a housing application form will be emailed to you. If you do not have an email address, we will post one to you.

The completed form should be returned by email to our Allocations Team or by post to:

Estuary Housing Association
Housing Services Office
Centre Place
Prospect Close