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  1. Do You Know Someone In Need?

    Shelter Helpline Referral Poster

    If you are or know someone who is:

    • homeless or like to be homeless within 56 days
    • at risk of harm
    • feeling very overwhelmed by their situation

    Call: 0800 800 4444 - open 8am-8pm weekdays and 9am-5pm weekends or visit

  2. CrimeStoppers - Speak Up. Stay Safe

    Independent charity Crimestoppers is highlighting that children and young people across Essex are at risk of becoming involved with gangs and the violence and abuse that often follows.

    Many young people join gangs for protection or say that it makes them feel part of a family. It is not only young men. Young women are also recruited and routinely suffer sexual violence to ‘control’ them.

  3. Four Reasons Why We Signed Up to the Commitment to Refer

    Don’t underestimate the impact your organisation can have on ending homelessness – sign up to the Commitment to Refer.

    We didn’t take much persuading here at Estuary to sign up to the Commitment to Refer – we wouldn’t have objected to housing associations being included under the Homelessness Reduction Act’s statutory Duty to Refer to begin with.

    But housing associations weren’t, it is voluntary for us. So why did we so readily sign up? Well, there were four main reasons...

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