We're Fixing It!

We are making our repairs service better for you, our valued residents.

We were helped by TLF Research to run a customer satisfaction survey for repairs. In this, our customers were asked a number of questions about the quality of our repairs service. The results are given below. The percentage given is the percentage of respondents who indicated they were satisfied.


Customer Satisfaction Index

  • October 2021: 83.3% - 167 customers interviewed
  • September 2021: 80.5% - 140 customers interviewed
  • August 2021: 82.5% - 126 customers interviewed

Pie chart showing 85.2% were satisfied in January 2021

126 customers interviewed

Pie chart showing 84.1% of 152 customers were satisfied in November 2020

140 customers interviewed

Pie chart showing 85.2% were satisfied in December 2020

167 customers interviewed

Number Of Times Residents Had To Call About Their Repair

October 2021

Of the 167 residents who responded to the survey

  • 55.5% (92) called once
  • 14.4% (24) called twice
  • 12% (20) called three times
  • 5% (9) called 4 times
  • 1.8% (3) called 5 times
  • 5% (8) called 6 times
  • 6.6% (11) either couldn't remember or didn't know how many times they called

September 2021

Of the 140 residents who responded to the survey 54% (75) called once, 15% (21) called twice, 8.7%,24.3% (34) called three times or more, 7.1% (10) either couldn't remember or didn't know how many times they called.

August 2021

Of the 126 residents who responded to the survey, 62.7% (79) called once, 8.7% (11) called twice, 8.7%,22.2% (28) called three times or more, 6.3% (8) either couldn't remember or didn't know how many times they called.

How Are We Doing?

Residents were asked to score how we did on the repair as a whole from 1-10, with 10 being excellent.

From the 167 answers given in October, we found we performed better in a few areas: 71.9% for Time Taken to Complete the Works, 72.5% for Quality of Works, 74% for Professionalism of the Operative being marked at 9 or above.

Only 46% of residents were happy with the Availability of Appointments and 44% were happy with how they were Being Kept Updated.

Over the past few months, we have been able to survey more residents, which gives us a better picture overall. If you're contacted, please do take the survey, your feedback is so important.

Axis are Fixing it

Lockdown Hero

Axis’ supervisor Chris Greatwood attended a job for an extremely vulnerable Estuary resident during the pandemic.

A disabled gentleman, an Estuary resident, had fallen in the bath and the emergency services had needed to force entry to reach him and provide help. The front door was in disrepair and the resident would not have been able to return from hospital to his home.

With nowhere open to buy supplies, therefore no option to purchase a new door, Chris took it upon himself to make one from materials and tools he had at home. The door was in place the next day and the resident was able to return to his home.

“I have always enjoyed working with Estuary as I believe they take a lot of pride in their properties and try to give the residents a good home to live in. I have always tried to give the residents the best I can whether that being a good quality of finish or organisation whilst always trying to accommodate as much of their needs as possible. “We have carried out repairs to properties as good will gestures in the past and decorated a nursery on the Woodgrange Estate along with Estuary’s own team which was carried out across two weeks.

“The idea of making the door for the elderly gentleman just came to me as soon as I heard what had happened: my thoughts were ‘this gentleman will have nowhere to go’ especially with everything going on at the time. I just couldn’t let him be without anywhere to go “Luckily he could stay at his son’s for the night. I had some spare wood in my shed so I asked the op on site to give me the measurement of the frame and told him to make the son aware that a door was being made up straight away and would be fitted the next day, as all the suppliers were shut at the time and we were unable to purchase anything. I made the door and it was fitted the next day ready for the gentleman to move back in.”

The Centre Place Nursery gets transformed and the children get to enjoy new play stations thanks to Axis and Estuary Housing

20 Volunteers from Axis and Estuary Housing Association transformed Centre Place Nursery in Southend-on-Sea redecorating and adding new play stations for the 90 children who attend here every week.

The nursery is situated in the fifth most deprived estate in the country, looking after 90 EAL and special needs children, five days a week, 51 weeks of the year and serving the surrounding areas of (amongst others) Essex, Rochford and Leigh.

During the week, volunteers redecorated the two main nursery rooms: one is a baby unit (0-2 years), the other for slightly older children (2-5 years). They chose fresh white paint as the main colour with Estuary colours (purple and blue) to create a more calming environment for the children.

The nursery had not seen a fresh coat of paint since its last redecoration in 2009. In addition to the internal works, the volunteers also built a new planter in the garden so children can grow their own plants and vegetables, and painted a big blackboard on the exterior wall for them to draw and write on.

This increase in the number of play stations for the children forms part of the nursery’s ‘in the moment’ planning approach to give children responsible choices in achieving a balance between structure and play. Play here is messy and sensory with a lot of construction play and small world play, based on things the children see outside, as well as sand and water play, bike riding and a mud kitchen. 

“Axis have been just brilliant with the children and staff, signifying a growing relationship between our organisations” -  Deanna Gardner, Estuary’s Nursery Manager


•Allen Davies, Multi-Trader •Arjinder Bhogal, Operative •Bradley Fellows, Operative •Brigette Gellen, Administrator •Chris Greatwood, Supervisor •Douglas Graver, Operative •Hope Durrance, Administrator •Kyle Clarke, Administrator •Michelle Wilson, Administration Manager •Richard Tompsett, Supervisor •Samuel Waterman, Apprentice •Stefan Kilron, Administrator •Stephen Plane, Operative Shelley Clarke, Contracts Manager