Winter Services

We have a range of properties located across a wide area, and therefore we are not able to offer gritting or snow clearance services to all sites. We have undertaken an assessment at each site and will ensure that those deemed as high risk will be provided with a service.

High risk sites are those where there are a high number of elderly, or otherwise vulnerable, residents. Any other site that has an identified risk area such as steep slopes, and is outside of a reasonable travel distance, will be provided with a grit bin for residents use (if safe to do so).

Our resources are limited, and are intended to supplement the service already provided by the local authority; therefore please remember that it would be impossible for us to grit all footpaths and parking areas in our housing stock.

We advise residents to take care and assess whether it is safe to continue with their scheduled activities.

How do we deliver the service?

Gritting and snow clearance services are provided by our GEMS team. Rock salt is spread on the surfaces of footpaths and roads helping to reduce snow and ice hazards on treated surfaces by lowering the freezing point of water. The product we use contains no hazardous ingredients and will not harm the environment.

What can I do to help myself and others?

Salt can be purchased from large retailers and DIY stores. Many local authorities also offer salt for purchasing – contact your council for advice on this. Southend Council and Essex Highways have located a number of grit bins across the county for resident use.

  • Regularly maintain your vehicle, and keep an ice scraper in the car.
  • Advice on how to stay healthy during winter can be found at
  • Vulnerable members of the community may struggle during periods of adverse weather, you can help by:
  • Offering yourself as a contact for vulnerable neighbours
  • Check in on neighbours and relatives that may need extra assistance
  • Use the grit from the bins available for public footpaths if it is safe to do so.

Cleaning and waste services during adverse weather conditions

We will make every effort to continue to provide services as normal; however in the event that this is not possible we will attend as soon as possible. If necessary our first re-attendance will include a ‘deep clean’ of communal areas.

For more information on local and county services visit:

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