Witness Information

Your evidence can help anyone who has suffered anti social behaviour or harassment or has seen or heard it happening.

As part of our work to tackle anti social behaviour and harassment we need your help. For more detailed information on how we deal with anti social behaviour or harassment, please refer to our Anti Social Behaviour information and Harassment page.

We need evidence to prove that someone is, or has been, guilty of anti social behaviour or harassment.

This evidence might be provided by a number of people and might include Neighbours, Police, Professional Witnesses and Housing Staff.

Most often the important evidence is that recorded by those experiencing the nuisance or anti social behaviour.

Diary Sheets

You will have been asked to record the anti social behaviour or harassment by completing an Anti Social Behaviour Incident Log. The page includes details on how to complete the diary sheets.


When we are compiling a case for court we will need you to provide a witness statement. Either a member of our staff or a solicitor employed on our behalf writes this down. You will be seen in person at a place of your choice. The witness statement will include the facts that you have recorded and the effect on your life. You will be asked to read your statement or it can be read to you before you are expected to sign.

Victim Support

If you’ve been affected by crime, the victim support can offer you the support you need to move forward. Their services are free, confidential and available to anyone in England and Wales, regardless of whether the crime has been reported or how long ago it happened. They can be contacted via a free helpline 080816 89111 or via the Victim Support website.