Your Rent And Service Charge Review

The cost of your rent and, in some cases, your service charge has been reviewed. 

Check out the short video which explains what you need to do.



Download a transcript of the above video: Transcript_Of_PlanForYourRentChange_Video.pdf [pdf] 114KB

What Does This Mean For Me?

You will have received a letter in February or March advising of the change. It told you how much the new rent and service charge is. You may need to make provisions for this, such as setting extra money aside each week or month.


I Claim Housing Benefit Or Universal Credit


If you are claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, you will need to inform your local Council or the Department of Work & Pensions of the changes. If you pay by direct debit or recurring payment, we will make the change for you. If you pay by any other method, you need to ensure you alter your payments.

Why Has My Rent Changed?

The Government advise how much we can increase rents each year. Your rent pays for the services provided to you and assists in building new homes. This does mean we have to increase rents to cover costs of providing these services to the standard you would expect. Service charges are only increased where our costs for that service have increased.

How Much Will I Have To Pay?

This will be different depending on the type of rent you have. You will have received a letter in February or March which contained all the information you need. It included your new rent and service charge amount.

Any Questions?


Any Questions?