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How Do You Place A Value On Living In Your Own Home?

We know this is an impossible question to answer. Our #PlanToPay advice highlights the importance of paying rent and any service charges. Remember when you signed your tenancy agreement, you agreed that your rent would be paid in advance.

We know there are many financial pressures on a household’s income, but rent payments are always your first priority. We are focussed on helping and supporting you make the most of your income to help you to keep your home. Where we are unable to give the support needed, we will refer you to those that can.

  • We can only help when you let us know you need it. Please, don’t sit worrying or feeling embarrassed. Contact us today by calling 0300 304 5000, or email us for help and advice.

Your rent is not only used to maintain your home, it allows us to offer a range of additional services including supporting community initiatives and the Federation of Estuary Residents.


PlanToPay - Contact Us now for advice and support if you're struggling with your income. We're here to help, not to judge. Call us on 0300 304 5000, email or visit us at Find us on Facebook at estuary h a or twitter at estuary_ h a 

Compliments Received From Our Residents

The following residents received our help when they needed it most. This is what they had to say:

Caring and Knowledgeable

I have been suffering from mental health and anxiety issues. When I spoke to the Welfare Benefits Advisor, I found her to be so patient, and she really calmed me down. I appreciate being able to speak to her. She was so helpful, caring and knowledgeable.


Kind and Helpful

You have been so kind and helpful. I am in no doubt I would not have been able to remain in this property without all your help and support. You have supported me and my family through a very challenging time in our lives and worked with me to keep my tenancy, which was in doubt more than once I know.


Helped Me Keep My Home

I have had quite high rent arrears for some time now. I have really struggled to get on top of it. I had severe depression for a couple of years and it all escalated. I had even been very close to being evicted through it. Since I've been in contact with my Income Officer, things have got better and better. She has been so amazing through it all. Not once have I felt judged by her. In fact it's the opposite; she has helped me believe in myself again. She put me in contact with the Employment Team, she's advised me about my benefits and she has worked hard so I haven't lost mine and my children’s home. I'm still a long way off clearing my arrears but I now have a steady income which means I'm able to pay them off. I honestly can't thank her enough for all her help through my darkest time. So grateful. Many thanks.


Case Studies

  • One family needed support and so contacted us. After speaking with them, we got in contact with the Local Authority, asking them to put in the support the family needed for their disabled children. We also secured a payment of £6,150 from the Council. This sustained the tenancy of an extremely vulnerable family.
  • Following the death of a resident, the remaining son was unaware of his rights and responsibilities. It was a very difficult time and he understandably didn’t initially feel able to talk to us. Through encouraging him to speak with us, we were able to get the rent paid via use and occupation. We are still supporting him and are hoping to get him a Discretionary Housing Payment.